Proven Technology and Continuous Innovation

Choosing a CSIDefender® copper silver ionization solutions means choosing a technology that is engineered and manufactured to provide the best possible Legionella growth prevention solutions in the industry.

With 46 solutions delivering water treatment output capacities of between 5 to 160 amps (5,000 to 4.3M GPD), CSIDefender® is the only copper silver ionization brand that can deliver results in any facility potable water environments using one of its larger and more powerful controllers.

Facility Potable Water Legionella Compliance

Why Choose CSIDefender ®

Teamwork with Consultant Engineers

With our industry leading platform, we can provide custom, performance based copper silver ionization specifications for any facility potable water Legionella growth prevention project so that you can be sure you’re meeting your Legionella compliance goals.

Continuous Evolution and Innovations

CSIDefender® is an active research and development sub-contractor for NASA beyond earth orbit space exploration projects.

At CSIDefender®, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve and advance our technologies. With a strong emphasis on innovation, R&D, and continuous improvement, we lead the way when it comes to industry leading Legionella growth prevention technologies.

The Most Qualified & Experienced Team

CSIDefender® copper silver ionization solutions boasts the strongest and most knowledgeable team in the industry.

With over 15 years experience, we understand industry expectations and work directly with facility owners, managers and consultant engineers in new or existing facility projects that require potable water Legionella prevention compliance or remediation solutions.

We Can Handle Any Requirements

Consultant engineers can choose from over 46 different powerful copper silver ionization solutions that can treat anywhere from 1,000 GPD up to 4.3 million GPD, handle multiple water zones, and resolve Legionella challenges in either point-of-entry (POE) or domestic hot water (DHW) type applications. No matter your requirements, CSIDefender® has a water treatment solution for you.

Advantages of CSIDefender ®

Full Legionella Remediation Within 30 Days
Full Legionella Remediation Within 30 Days

CSIDefender® works continuously to release copper and silver ions that saturate the biofilm where Legionella bacteria grows, leaving your potable water systems safe within 30 days with no need to reapply treatments.

Up to 66% More Cost-Effective than Alternative Treatments
Up to 66% More Cost-Effective than Alternative Treatments

CSIDefender® solutions help you reduce both capital and operational expenses. Reduce energy and labor costs compared to Thermal eradication or chemical treatments, and save money upfront by requiring fewer more powerful units compared to alternative, less powerful CSI solutions.

Up to 75% Lower Technology Footprint
Up to 75% Lower Technology Footprint

CSIDefender® does not require on-site chemical storage, and in almost every case, a single more powerful controller is enough to handle higher daily water loads, reducing the technology capital cost and footprint compared to less powerful alternative CSI solutions.

24/7 Service and Support Line
24/7 Service and Support Line

Our dedicated service and support team is available 24/7 to assist you in any way. We understand that when dealing with facility potable water networks, any problem or question needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively to ensure the safety of building occupants.

Let’s talk about How CSI Defender® can keep your water safe