Copper Silver Ionization Water Treatment Solutions for Legionella Control in High-Rise Buildings

Protect building occupants by taking a proactive approach and mitigate Legionella bacteria related exposure risks commonly associated to larger facility potable water distribution networks.

Copper Silver Ionization water treatment, by CSIDefender®, in high-rise buildings provides a reliable, affordable and discreet Legionella growth control solution that helps comply with potable water related Legionella Prevention Standards.

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Copper Silver Ionization Water Treatment

Why Copper Silver Ionization in High-Rise Buildings?

Consultant engineers take a proactive approach to prevent Legionella exposure when constructing new, or renovating, high-rises facilities such as office buildings, condominiums, apartments and many other types with large water distribution networks. For over 20 years, CSIDefender® copper silver ionization water treatment has provided a reliable, cost-effective and discreet Legionella growth control solutions to lower facility occupant exposure risks.

Let us guide you in choosing the best CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization solution to fit your project.

Reliable Water Treatment for Urban Developments

Based on the results of a preliminary legionella risk assessment and technology requirements, you’ll either need to implement a Point-of-Entry (POE) or Domestic Hot Water (DHW) solution. Copper Silver Ionization (CSI) water treatment systems from CSIDefender® are available for both type of application, and are proven to deliver with minimal monthly preventative maintenance requirements. CSI technologies work by generating positively charged copper (Cu+2) and silver (Ag+) ions into the facility potable water, killing legionella bacteria and saturating the biofilm where it grows. The result is a powerful and reliable solution that works across the entire water distribution system and keeps tenants safe from infection.

Rely on CSIDefender® for Legionella Prevention in Residential Buildings and Condominiums

Copper Silver Ionization solutions have been trusted by residential building owners for over 20 years. Engineered and manufactured in North America with quality materials and components, the CSIDefender® features a 10 year limited warranty and a proven history of performance in any potable water environment. Whether you’re a consultant engineer designing new apartments, high rises, or condominiums, or renovating an existing building with new water distribution systems, CSIDefender® is the trusted, safe and energy efficient solution to keep your water free from this commonly found bacteria.

Benefits of CSIDefender®

1. Energy Efficient Legionella Prevention

Modern buildings are placing significantly more emphasis on sustainability and minimizing energy consumption. Traditional legionella prevention techniques include Thermal-eradication and chemical treatments, both of which are resource intensive and potentially damaging to the environment. Instead of heating water up to above 140°F or using harsh chemicals, CSIDefender® releases positively charged copper and silver ions into the water. This substantially lowers high water temperature requirements and creates no harmful chemical by-products while providing safer water to facility occupants.

For residential building owners and landlords looking to reduce their energy costs, CSI technologies provide an effective solution that’s significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional alternatives. Faculty owners can reduce hot water energy consumption by up to 4%. Depending on your water consumption, this can translate to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy savings on an annual basis.

2. Keep Your Building’s Water Systems Safe

It is recommended by most construction regulators that potable hot water be delivered at no more than 120°F for domestic use and 140°F for the kitchen area. At these lower temperatures, legionella bacteria is known to continue to thrive, multiply, and eventually become problematic to the facility occupants. This puts building water systems at risk. Copper Silver Ionization water treatment technologies work in any temperature, saturates the biofilm where Legionella grows, and provides an effective Legionella growth barrier across the entire potable water distribution system.

3. Easy to Install and Maintain in New or Existing Residential Buildings

CSIDefender® is a fully automated computer controlled, compact and high-performance legionella prevention solution that is easy to install and maintain in buildings at the design stage, or buildings undergoing upgrades or renovation. With no need for on-site chemical storage or other requirements, CSIDefender® solutions can easily be added to your existing water distribution system. For facility owners, this leading edge technology is easily integrated as part of any building maintenance program or can be contracted out to a local qualified water management business.

4. Cost-Effective Legionella Prevention for Building Owners and Landlords

CSIDefender® is up to 66% more cost-effective than traditional alternatives and other CSI technologies without sacrificing on performance or quality. Building owners and landlords can save money by leveraging the power of a single unit for the entire water distribution system, reducing DHW related energy costs, and minimizing the risk of litigation by reducing the relative risks of Legionella exposure. Compared to other legionella prevention technologies, the CSIDefender® is both cost-effective and proven to perform.

Building owners and landlords in high rises, condominiums, apartments and other residential buildings have trusted the CSIDefender® to keep their potable water safe in hundreds of installations across North America and the rest of the world for almost 20 years.


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