Silver Copper Ionization Technology

Silver Copper Ionization Engineering Innovation & Manufacturing

CSIDefender® is the most powerful & sophisticated (CSI) technology for Legionella growth prevention and remediation in the industry.

Copper Silver Ionization (CSI) Water Purification

For over 15 years, ProCare Water Treatment Inc., has focused on providing the best engineered and most sophisticated silver copper ionization technology in the industry while helping consultant engineers and facility owners with their Legionella growth prevention or Legionella remediation objectives.

Copper Silver Ionization

Engineered for Larger Building Facilities:
ProCare’s  “Medical, Commercial or Military grade” Silver Copper Ionization (CSI) technology are installed in large facility potable water networks to treat either 100% potable or only the domestic hot water where daily water usage volumes can be from 8,000 GPD up to 4.3 million GPD.

For over 15 years, ProCare’s Silver Copper Ionization engineering innovations and manufacturing processes have continually raised the bar across the industry.

CSIDefender® Silver Copper Ionization units are specifically engineered for larger facility potable water distribution networks.

Fact: Legionella bacteria presence within a facility potable water network are known to commonly become problematic over time.  For the most part, this is attributed to aging water pipes, biofilm and the lack of use of secondary water treatment technology such as Copper Silver Ionization water treatment technology.

The key in preventing Legionella growth within a facility is by implementing a reliable and properly engineered Copper Silver Ionization (CSI) technology.

Silver Copper IonizationWhy CSIDefender® Silver Copper Ionization (CSI) Technology for Facility Potable Water Legionella Growth Prevention?

  • Proven track record,
  • Recognized globally by engineers since 2002,
  • The most sophisticated, best performing and reliable “fully automates software based” CSI controllers in the Industry,
  • The best CSI chamber cell engineering and performance in the Industry,
  • 100% made in North-American (Canada and USA) components,
  • Limited 10 warranty on controllers,
  • Best CSI Support via the network,
  • 24/7 toll free hotline for pre and post technology installation support,
  • Global support network of qualified AquaLyse® and CSIDefender® Vendors.

When “secondary” facility potable water treatment technology is required to lower the risks of Legionella, consider AquaLyse® or CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization technology to provide you with the tools to lower the risk of Legionella bacteria growth.

Proven Legionella Prevention Results
100% of ProCare installations have all shown a reduction or elimination of Legionella presence when properly implemented and maintained. In fact, 3rd party validation demonstrate “bellow detection limits” of Colony Forming Units (CFU) within 45 days or less in locations where Legionella bacteria had previously been found.

Legionella and Municipal Potable Water Treatment
Industry experts know and understand that Legionella bacteria is not fully eradicated by municipal potable water treatment plants (primary water treatment). Water contamination from the water treatment plant to the end user is a common issue for Legionella bacteria that requires higher chlorine concentrations to eradicate. It is up industry experts and facility owners / managers to implement preventative “secondary” water treatment technologies. AquaLyse® and CSIDefender® copper silver ionization technology lowers the risks of Legionella bacteria presence and the accosted exposure risks.

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