Copper Silver Ionization Technology with Secure, Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring & Alarms

Safe and Secure Monitoring
Every CSIDefender® Controller is fully compatible with standard communication protocols, allowing users to interface with any building management system (BMS) and monitor the technology performance in real time. For those with no BMS or limited telemetry resources, each CSIDefender® controller features a standard visual LED operational status display in addition to PLC password protected access for facility personnel.

Data Logging & Reporting
Users can access the PLC backbone remotely via BACNet secure communications protocols and hardware interfaces to ensure sensitive data is protected. CSIDefender® HMI access levels include multi-user password protected access, advanced authorization protocols, and optional offsite secure data logging and reporting to the network.

Notifications and Alarms
Never miss a moment with notifications and alarms sent directly to you via email or SMS text messaging. CSIDefender® Controllers, with the standard BMS interface module, can trigger instant alerts whenever there is an issue so that you can deploy a service technician to investigate a potential fault right away.

Copper Silver Ionization Solutions

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