If you are a water treatment consultant or supply water treatment technology, hot water makers, or commercial plumbing products within the construction industry, chances are we’ve got the right copper-silver ionization solution to help you expand your existing line of offerings.

CSIDefender® offers the broadest line of copper-silver ionization solutions engineered and manufactured to deliver measurable results. These water treatment solutions are specified in most of today’s healthcare construction projects.

CSIDefender® copper-silver ionization technologies are engineered and manufactured to help consultants, facility managers, and facility owners comply with Legionella growth prevention standards such as ASHRAE188.

In particular, CSIDefender® plays a crucial role in lowering facility occupants’ Legionella exposure risks associated with sizeable potable water distribution networks. Consultant engineers specify copper-silver ionization water treatment technology, also known as secondary water treatment, to provide an affordable, reliable, and easy to use solution.

In most extensive facilities, from healthcare to long-term care, high-rise buildings, and hotels, consultant engineers and facility managers have the responsibility to comply with Legionella growth prevention standards. Included within these standards are directives to protect facility occupants from Legionella exposure risks associated with facility potable water distribution networks.

Certified CSIDefender® technology partners can provide Legionella compliant solutions to consultant engineers involved in new construction projects or facility managers that require retrofit solutions with CSIDefender® products.

Equipping facility potable water networks with CSIDefender® provides a key component in overall Legionella growth prevention compliance standards. CSIDefender® offers a simple, reliable, and cost-effective water treatment solution to help consultant engineering firms and facility management lower potential Legionella exposure risks.

Why become a CSIDefender® PARTNER?

Providing a Solution to your existing business network: CSIDefender® partners usually are well-established businesses that offer plumbing or water management products within the medical and commercial construction industries. These industries must comply with Legionella growth prevention standards to lower facility occupant exposure risks. As a result, consultant engineering firms familiar with CSI technology include these medical and commercial CSI solutions as part of their master specs. Certified CSIDefender® partners can capitalize on their existing business relationships to promote, supply, and support the line of CSIDefender® solutions.


For additional information on becoming a CSIDefender® partner, please register at csidefender.com, where you will find support materials including; product selector support, vendor pricing, technical specifications, marketing presentations, and access to our industry leading certification program.

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