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The following questions are intended to guide you in determining if a DHW water treatment application truly fits your Legionella growth prevention objectives.

• Are you delivering “Point of Use” domestic hot water temperatures at less than 120°F?
• Do you have instantaneous water heaters with a master mixing valve to taper down the hot water to an acceptable delivery temperature? (Very common in new facilities)
• Do you have hot water (boilers) storage tanks?
• Do you have instant water heaters combined with storage hot water tanks?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you should consider a DHW type copper-silver ionization Legionella water treatment application.

Moving forward with a DHW type copper-silver ionization water treatment for your Legionella growth control or prevention is simple. Answer the following questions to size a commercial or medical grade copper-silver ionization solution:

Legionella Water Treatment Solutions
copper silver ionization model questions

• How many DHW Zones does your facility have? (independent hot water makers not inter-mixing)
• If more than one (1) DHW Zone, are any of them in the same mechanical room?
• The approximate number of beds (if any) for each of the DHW Zones?
• Size of the DHW return line?• Once you have all of your answers gathered, contact us, and we provide you with a CSIDefender® technology model size recommendations.

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