Legionella Water Treatment Solutions Location Strategies – Part 1 fo 3

06 Jan 2020

Legionella Water Treatment

When looking into facility potable water Legionella water treatment objectives, should you focus on the domestic hot water distribution network or 100% of the facility incoming potable water?

The following is a general guideline on how to identify the best location where a copper-silver ionization solution should be installed along with some of the questions required to size a CSItechnology and deliver optimum Legionella water treatment results.

Legionella Questions
Let us start by identifying the water network location where you should focus your energies.
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Ask Yourself the Following Questions:


  • Is the incoming facility potable water temperature above 68°F (20°C) for most of the year?
  • Are there excessive reports of water stagnation within the facility (i.e., low occupancy?)
  • Is there the presence of large cold potable water storage tanks?

> If you’ve answered “NO” to these initial facility assessment questions, then logic would point to a focus on your domestic hot water (DHW) area. Click Option A to Continue… >

> Click on Option B if you answered “YES” to any of these questions.

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Copper Silver Ionization Solutions
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