Legionella water treatment solutions for hotels and resorts.  Your brand and reputation is everything. And in a world where guests have so much choice and online reviews are readily available, a single legionella outbreak, which is commonly in the media, can damage your brand beyond repair. Protect your guests, and your brand, with CSIDefender® copper-silver Legionella Water Treatment Solutions.

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Not only that, an outbreak can end up costing you millions in lost revenue, emergency response, litigations, and potential regulatory fines. With thousands of outbreaks reported in recent years, hotels and resorts need to be proactive and install a commercial Legionella water treatment solution if they want to protect their business.

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Reduce the Risk of Infection with Copper Silver Ionization Technologies

Hotels and resorts are home to all sorts of potable water sources, including showers, ornamental fountains, pools, saunas, humidifiers, and more. These domestic hot and cold water distribution systems are all susceptible to bacteria growth and propagation. As Legionella bacteria gets into cracks and other surfaces within the pipes, including the eventual growth of biofilm, it can quickly multiply, leaving hotel guests and employees at risk of bacterial exposure and potentially fatal pulmonary related infections.

Instead of waiting for an outbreak to occur, hotels can be proactive with CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization (CSI) legionella prevention systems. Not only does CSI help prevent bacterial growth regardless of potable water temperatures, it also helps hotels comply with ASHRAE 188 Legionella Prevention Standards, when secondary potable water treatment is recommended.

Trust CSIDefender® for Reliable and Proven Water Treatment for Hotels

Gain the power and performance of our Copper Silver Ionization solutions in hotels. Trusted for nearly 20 years across North America and around the world, the CSIDefender® is the most powerful, reliable, and fully automated legionella growth prevention solution. Depending on your requirements, including incoming water temperature, building occupancy rate, and Legionella risk assessment, the CSIDefender® can be installed either at the Point-Of-Entry (POE) or Domestic How Water (DHW) loop. Mitigate your risks, protect your brand and keep thousands of guests safe from a potential outbreak with CSI technology proven in thousands of installations.

Benefits of CSIDefender®

1. Environmentally Friendly Legionella Prevention

Hotel chains across North America are making a push to be more environmentally conscious. Not only does this make the hotel more sustainable, it also greatly reduces the energy and utility costs. Spread over hundreds or thousands of locations, this can quickly add up to big savings.

Alternative legionella prevention techniques, such as Thermal-eradication or chemical treatments, are both expensive and wasteful. Heating water up to 140°F (or higher) to then tapper it down with mixing valves wastes tremendous amounts of energy, and the cross contamination with cold water is actually counterproductive to Legionella growth control. Chlorine treatments can lead to dangerous chemical by-products such as THM’s, and chlorine dioxide generates EPA regulated by-products which must to be continually monitored by the technology users.

CSIDefender®, on the other hand, uses dramatically less energy and produces no hazardous chemical by-products, making it a less wasteful and more sustainable water treatment solution for hotels.

2. Disinfect the Entire Domestic Hot Water System

The CSIDefender® legionella prevention system continuously kills bacteria across the entire water distribution system. Unlike other treatment options, it is unaffected by water temperature, meaning it can be used in both hot and cold water distribution networks. Copper (Cu+2) and silver (Ag+) ions saturate the biofilm where legionella bacteria grows, reducing the risk and providing long term protection against future growth without the need for repeated treatments. With 46 solutions to choose from, CSIDefender® has the engineering to deliver a single unit controller powerful enough to protect your entire facility and reduce your start-up and operational cost by up to 40% compared to other solutions.

3. Protect Guests without Damaging Critical Infrastructure

Harsh chemicals and hot water treatments (thermal eradication) can both damage critical infrastructure such as pipes, faucets, water storage tanks, and other fixtures. This damage and corrosion can eventually create more locations where biofilm can grow and harbor legionella bacteria, inadvertently making these treatment methods more difficult to implement. And of course, this will result in more frequent water distribution network related repairs and maintenance. CSIDefender® doesn’t require chemicals or hot water to kill legionella bacteria, and therefore will not cause additional corrosion or damage to plumbing.

4. Mitigate the Risk of Infection

Comply with ASHRAE 188 Legionella Prevention Standards when secondary water treatment is recommended and take a proactive approach to legionella prevention. When a single case of Legionnaires disease, also known in the hotel industry as travellers Legionnaires, can damage your business’s long-term viability, you can’t afford to take the risk. Not only are there the short term costs of emergency response and refunds, affected hotels can be hit with huge regulatory fines, litigation, and the loss of future revenue. Plus, insurance companies have previously tried to avoid covering the fines associated with a legionella outbreak, and have taken hotels to court over the issue.

Public image is everything, and when you’re facing negative media attention, your brand’s credibility will take a serious hit. Even affiliated hotel brands can record millions in loss revenue nation-wide from a single Legionella occurrence, regardless of location. Proactively installing a copper silver ionization legionella prevention system to drastically reduce the risk of a Legionella outbreak is a small investment that can protect your business and brand in big ways for years to come.

Hotel and resort consultant engineers and facility management around the world have trusted CSIDefender® for over 20 years due to its performance and cost-effectiveness.


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