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Engineered for new or existing buildings, CSI application models WILL PROTECT your potable water distribution network.

Engineered for existing or new facilities,
our Copper-Silver ionization solutions WILL PROTECT
your building’s potable water network.

Legionella Potable Water Treatment Applications for Your Facility

Discover Your Ideal Copper Silver Ionization Application for Legionella Risk Management Now!

These basic Legionella application qualifier questions will point you towards a tailored copper silver ionization solution for your facility.

While the Domestic Hot Water (DHW) application provides essential facility protection, choosing the Entire Facility Potable Water (Point of Entry – POE) option amplifies your commitment to maximum water safety, ensuring peace of mind with an extra layer of precaution.

Domestic Hot Water Treatment

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Incoming Water Temperature?

Potable Water < 20°C (< 68°F)

Ideal for regions where the incoming facility potable water temperature is consistently below 20°C (68°F), indicating a primary need for DHW application.

Water Stagnation / Moderate Occupancy?

If the facility experiences minimal water stagnation and maintains a moderate/high occupancy rate, DHW is often sufficient.

Facility Age?

Newer facilities, or those without a history of water quality issues, may initially consider DHW application as a focused starting point. However, over time, a POE water treatment application will possibly become required.

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Domestic hot water (DHW) systems in large facilities are particularly susceptible to Legionella proliferation. CSIPhoenix® addresses this by seamlessly integrating into new or existing hot water systems, providing continuous and efficient Legionella risk mitigation. The application of our CSI technology’s intentions is that every drop of hot water, from showers to faucets, is managed with precision and care.

Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Qualifiers: Any single qualifier directs you to a fitting solution. Even if DHW suffices, opting for a Point of Entry (POE) application will boosts water safety & your peace of mind.


Entire Facility Potable Water Treatment

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Incoming Water Temperature?

Potable Water ≥ 20°C ( ≥ 68°F)

Facilities with incoming potable water temperatures above 20°C (68°F) can benefit from a POE Copper Silver ionization application to manage increased Legionella growth risk.

Water Stagnation/Low Occupancy?

Buildings experiencing significant water stagnation due to low occupancy or engineering issues are prime candidates for POE water treatment.

Public Health/Liability Concerns?

Facilities prioritizing comprehensive water safety to mitigate public health risks, Legionella compliance, and potential liability find POE indispensable.

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Beyond just hot water systems, CSIDefender® is adept at providing Legionella control across the entirety of a facility’s potable water network. When required as a Legionella compliance or liability reduction strategy, our CSI solution, engineered for point of entry (POE) applications, scales to meet the demands of even the most extensive water systems, offering consistent and reliable Legionella risk mitigation throughout the entire facility.

Point of Entry (POE) Qualifiers: Any single qualifier directs you to a fitting solution. Opting for POE will boost water safety and your peace of mind

NOTE: These questions offer a basic guide towards identifying your needs for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) or Entire Facility Potable Water (POE) applications. For a comprehensive understanding of your Legionella liability exposure, we strongly encourage a detailed Legionella Risk Assessment. You can also take our online quiz to receive a personalized score reflecting your facility’s specific Legionella liability risk.

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