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Legionella & Water Temperatures

The temperature range of the facility potable water plays an important role in the growth and spread of Legionella bacteria. As the graphic shows, the ideal growth ranges for Legionella bacteria can easily fall directly in line with the typical domestic hot water (DHW) temperatures or point of entry (POE) water temperatures in warmer geographical areas such as the Southern USA, Central & South America, The Middle East and parts of Asia.In colder climates, such as the Midwest & Northern USA, Canada, Europe, and parts of Australia, domestic hot water needs to be kept at or below 120°F at point of use to avoid potential scalding and conserve energy. This again aligns with the ideal growth range for Legionella.

As a result, these scenarios present a relatively higher risk of Legionella exposure compared to water temperatures below 68°F (20°C), and secondary potable water treatment is required. Copper Silver Ionization (CSI) technologies provide effective long term and effective Legionella growth prevention and remediation to protect facility occupants against the risk of exposure.

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Copper Silver Ionization Solutions

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