Legionella Solutions for Buildings

Empowering Industries to
Elevate Legionella Potable Water Safety
with CSIDefender®

Empowering Industries to
Elevate Legionella Potable Water Safety with CSIDefender®

Copper-Silver Ionization solutions engineered for
Legionella compliance: Ensuring reliable and 
affordable facility potable water risk management.

Copper-Silver Ionization solutions engineered for Legionella compliance: Ensuring reliable and affordable facility potable water risk management.

Industries Served

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Medium Legionella Risk Facilities

Legionella Liability Solutions Fitness Center - CSIDefender

These facilities carry a medium risk of Legionella, but are not immune to its threat or the associated liabilities.

Health & Fitness Centers

Overview: The warm, moist environments of health and fitness centers are potential hotspots for Legionella, impacting member safety and facility reputation.

Hotel Legionella Water Treatment - CSIDefender

Application: CSIDefender® offers customized solutions to address the unique water system challenges of these centers.

Benefits: Protects members’ health, essential in facilities where outbreaks can decrease membership renewals by 25%. Elevate wellness and safety with CSIDefender®.


Overview: Educational institutions must safeguard against Legionella to protect students and staff, with outbreaks potentially affecting attendance and learning environments.

Application: CSIDefender® ensures safe water across campuses, from dormitories to cafeterias.

Benefits: Enhances the health and well-being of the school community, crucial in settings where a safe learning environment can improve attendance by up to 15%. Safeguard your school with CSIDefender®.


Overview: Airports, with their transient populations and vast facilities, must prioritize water safety to prevent Legionella exposure to travellers and staff.

Airport Legionella Water Treatment Solutions - CSIDefender

Application: CSIDefender® ensures water safety across terminals, lounges, and concession areas.

Benefits: Maintains a safe, welcoming environment for millions of passengers, key in venues where consistent water safety practices can improve traveler confidence. Ensure traveler safety at your airport with CSIDefender®.

Office Buildings

Overview: Modern office buildings require meticulous water management to prevent Legionella, ensuring the safety and productivity of their occupants.

Office Legionella Liability Solutions - CSIDefender

Application: CSIDefender®’s scalable solution adapts to the specific needs of office buildings, maintaining optimal water quality.

Benefits: Promotes a healthier work environment, crucial in spaces where improved water safety can enhance employee satisfaction and reduce absenteeism by 10%. Optimize your office building with CSIDefender®.


Overview: Museums must protect not only their invaluable collections but also their visitors and staff from the risks of Legionella in their water systems.

Museum Legionella Liability Solutions - CSIDefender

Application: CSIDefender® provides discreet, effective water treatment solutions that respect the aesthetic and functional needs of museum environments.

Benefits: Supports a safe, educational experience for all visitors, critical in institutions where maintaining a healthy environment can enhance visitor numbers by up to 20%. Preserve and protect with CSIDefender®.

By adopting CSIDefender®, facilities can significantly lower their risk profile, safeguarding against potential outbreaks and the associated liability.

This proactive approach is vital in ensuring the safety of occupants and mitigating legal and financial risks.

High Legionella Risk Facilities

Hospital Legionella Water Treatment - CSIDefender

These facilities are prone to environments at high risk for Legionella, significantly increasing the liability for a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak.


Overview: Healthcare facilities are high-stakes environments where waterborne pathogens like Legionella can pose severe risks to immunocompromised patients.

Healthcare Legionella Liability Solutions - CSIDefender

Application: CSIDefender® can be integrated seamlessly, offering precise control over water quality without impacting facility operations.

Benefits: Reduces Legionella risks, crucial in environments where infection rates can spike by up to 30% in unsanitary conditions. By choosing CSIDefender®, healthcare facilities demonstrate a proactive stance on patient safety and regulatory compliance. Act now to fortify your healthcare facility against Legionella.

Hospitality / Hotels
Hotel Legionella Solutions - CSIDefender

Overview: In the hospitality industry, the presence of Legionella can severely damage reputation and guest trust, with reported cases leading to significant occupancy drops.

Application: Adaptable and efficient, CSIDefender® suits the varied water usage and guest turnover in hospitality settings.

Benefits: Enhances guest safety and satisfaction, a key factor in a competitive market where a single outbreak can reduce guest numbers by over 20%. Elevate your hospitality standards with CSIDefender®. Secure your reputation today.

LTC / Nursing Homes

Overview: Long-term care (LTC) facilities and nursing homes cater to populations that are particularly vulnerable to Legionella, with elderly occupants at increased risk.

Assisted Living Legionella Liability Solutions - CSIDefender

Application: CSIDefender® provides targeted and gentle water treatment to protect residents without disrupting their daily lives.

Benefits: Offers a safer environment, reducing Legionella outbreak risks by ensuring water safety, vital in settings where health incidents can lead to a 40% increase in hospital admissions. Choose CSIDefender® for peace of mind in long-term care.

Military Facilities

Overview: Military bases require uncompromising water safety protocols to protect the health of service members and their families.

Military Healthcare Legionella Liability Solutions - CSIDefender

Application: CSIDefender® meets the stringent water quality demands of military facilities, offering reliability and compliance.

Benefits: Ensures the health security of military communities, where the strategic importance of water safety cannot be underestimated, potentially reducing health incidents by ensuring continuous water quality. Strengthen your defence against Legionella with CSIDefender®.

High-Rise Buildings
Legionella Risk Solution Applications - CSIDefender

Overview: High-rise residential and commercial buildings face unique challenges in water management, with Legionella risks amplified in extensive plumbing systems.

Application: CSIDefender®’s scalable solution ensures uniform water safety from the ground floor up.

Benefits: Promotes resident and tenant well-being, crucial in buildings where the complexity of water systems can elevate Legionella proliferation risk by up to 50%. Elevate your building’s safety standards with CSIDefender®.

Cruise Ships
Cruise Ship Legionella Water Treatment Solutions - CSIDefender

Overview: Cruise ships, with their complex and closed water systems, are particularly vulnerable to Legionella, affecting passenger health and cruise line reputations.

Application: CSIDefender® delivers effective, adaptable Legionella control, suitable for the diverse water usage onboard.

Benefits: Ensures passenger safety, a critical factor for the industry where a single outbreak can lead to a 20% decline or more in bookings. Navigate with confidence using CSIDefender®.

CSIDefender® not only reduces the risk of such incidents but also demonstrates a proactive commitment to safety, crucial in settings where the consequences of outbreaks are most severe.

Early implementation is essential to protect vulnerable populations and prevent legal and financial repercussions.

In every industry, water is a vital resource, but it’s also a potential risk. Imagine a world where every drop of water in a hospital, hotel, or high-rise is not just life-sustaining but life-protecting.

Unlocking CSIDefender® Advantages:
Elevate Your Facility’s Water Safety Strategy

Strengthen Defence Against Liability

Minimize risks with CSIDefender®, bolstering your facility’s readiness against Legionella-related liabilities and regulations.

Reinforce Health Leadership

CSIDefender® sets your facility apart as a leader in health safety, enhancing well-being across all spaces.

Elevate Operational Excellence

Revolutionize water management with CSIDefender®, merging advanced technology with efficiency for diverse facilities..


You have legionella liability questions? wE have answers.

Find quick answers or insights to make informed decisions about your facility’s Legionella risks and potable water treatment needs.

Q1: How does retrofitting older buildings with CSIDefender® address Legionella concerns?

A1: Retrofitting with CSIDefender® modernizes water treatment in older buildings, directly targeting and mitigating Legionella risks with minimal structural impact and cost-effectiveness.

Q2: How does CSIDefender® benefit healthcare facilities in managing Legionella risks?

A2: CSIDefender® ensures healthcare facilities meet the highest water safety standards, significantly reducing Legionella risks and enhancing patient protection, even in complex, aging water systems.

Q3: Can CSIDefender® be trusted for long-term Legionella management?

A3: Absolutely. CSIDefender® is designed for durability and long-term effectiveness, backed by our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer support, ensuring trusted Legionella management.

Q4: Can CSIDefender® handle the Legionella risk in large and complex potable water systems?

A4: Yes, CSIDefender® is engineered to manage Legionella in even the most complex water systems, offering scalable solutions tailored to each facility’s specific needs..

Q5: What role does CSIDefender® play in new construction projects?

A5: In new constructions, CSIDefender® allows for the design of advanced, integrated water safety systems from the ground up, ensuring future-ready Legionella protection.

Q6: Is CSIDefender® adaptable to the unique needs of high-rise buildings?

A6: Yes, CSIDefender®’s flexible system adapts to the specific water usage and distribution challenges of high-rise buildings, ensuring top-to-bottom Legionella risk management.

Q7: How does CSIDefender® ensure ongoing effectiveness and avoid common pitfalls of CSI technology?

A7: CSIDefender® incorporates real-time monitoring and adaptive control, ensuring optimal performance and mitigating the risk of underperformance or failure seen in less advanced systems.

Q8: Are there any health risks associated with copper-silver ionization?

A8: When operated within regulatory guidelines, CSI technology, including CSIDefender®, is safe and does not pose health risks, providing a non-chemical alternative for Legionella control.

Q9: How do I determine the best CSIDefender® solution for our facility's Legionella prevention needs?

A9: Schedule a complimentary consultation with us. By understanding a few key details about your facility through targeted engineering inquiries, we’ll effortlessly identify the optimal CSIDefender® copper silver ionization solution for you, complete with comprehensive support documentation.

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