Copper Silver Ionization POE Solution

When to use Copper Silver Ionization POE solution?

Legionella control poe solutionA copper silver ionization poe solution water treatment application is installed on your side of the facility potable water meter with the express purpose of treating all of the incoming potable water before it goes into the facility.

Copper silver ionization POE solution often include larger amperage capacity (30 + amps / 208 VAC / 180 VDC), an extremely well calibrated flow meter (4-20ma) and normally no less than three (3) or more ionization chamber cells installed in paralleled to each other that will provide instant copper silver ionization injection.

Among some of the critical Legionella risk triggers that can justify the use of a CSI-POE system would include:

  • Geographical location of the facility with incoming potable water temperatures above 68F/20C (and/or)
  • Low facility occupancy = water stagnation (and/or)
  • Age of the facility (and/or)
  • Alleged Legionella issues without fully knowing the origins or location of the problem. (and/or)
  • Overall Legionella risk assessment such as ASHRAE188 concludes that secondary water disinfection intervention is required.