Legionnaires’ disease is an extreme form of pneumonia that affects the respiratory system, and in some cases, can cause death.

The disease occurs when micro water droplets containing Legionella bacterium are inhaled through the mouth or nose by the unsuspecting victim. People cannot contract Legionnaires’ Disease by just drinking contaminated water as the disease needs an environment where water can become aerosolized and inhaled, such as in showers, ornamental fountains, cooling towers, and even hot tubs. Legionnaires’ Disease occurs mostly in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and other facilities with extensive water systems. Therefore, such facilities must be proactive in their environmental safety and find effective Legionella growth prevention and compliance solutions.

Copper Silver Ionization

CSIDefender® Copper silver ionization is a water treatment technology process that uses the latest in automation advancements to prevent the growth of Legionella in large facility potable water distribution networks. Copper-silver ionization is scientifically proven to lower or prevent Legionella bacteria counts, which in turn contributes to the safety of your facility’s potable water distribution network.

CSIDefender® includes solutions to accommodate a wide variety of facilities with different Legionella growth prevention requirements along with data logging and reporting; this is why CSIDefender® technology users have access to the Portal-Hub.com technology data logging and reporting platform. The Portal-Hub allows for secure on-going data logging and reporting to help users with their Legionella growth prevention programs now required by most health authorities.

Worldwide Recognition

CSIDefender® is recognized globally as being the leader in providing critical components associated with Legionella growth prevention compliance programs.

The World Health Organization, Environmental Protection Agency, OSHA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and CSA Group all consider copper-silver ionization technology as an effective way of preventing the growth and spreading of Legionella found within potable water distribution networks.

Don’t just go with any Legionella compliance solution. Choose CSIDefender® copper-silver ionization for the best in Legionella growth prevention and remediation within your facility potable water distribution networks. Contact us for a quote today!

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