Legionella Control in Healthcare Facilities with Copper Silver Ionization Water Treatment Solutions

CSIDefender® healthcare Legionella solutions are engineered to protect healthcare facility occupants by taking a proactive approach to mitigate Legionella risks associated to potable water networks.

CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization in hospitals provides a solutions that helps comply with facility potable water Legionella Prevention Standards.

Time to Upgrade and Protect your Healthcare Facility Plumbing from Legionella

Copper Silver Ionization Water Treatment

Why CSIDefender® for Legionella control in healthcare facilities ?

CSIDefender® copper silver ionization lowers the Legionella exposure risks linked to healthcare facility potable water distribution networks.

These Legionella growth prevention solutions are commonly recommended and spesified by consultant engineers in new or existing healthcare facility construction projects.

Copper silver ionization technology is classified as a “long-term” and “systemic” Legionella growth prevention solution. When properly sized and calibrated, it will deliver ongoing & discreet Legionella protection without interruption vs. the short-term inconvenience and the potential damage caused by intrusive chemicals or thermal eradication techniques.

Healthcare Construction Projects

Consultant engineers involved in healthcare facility construction projects can take advantage of the latest in automation advancements to prevent the growth of Legionella in large facility potable water distribution networks. CSIDefender® copper silver ionization water treatment technology is scientifically proven to lower or prevent Legionella bacteria growth which in turn contributes to the safety of your facility’s potable water distribution network.

CSIDefender® includes healthcare solutions to accommodate engineers and their construction projects by saving time and keeping their Legionella growth prevention objectives within budget.

Protect Facility Occupants and Potable
Water Distribution Networks from Legionella Growth.

CSIDefender® is the trusted name for protecting facility potable water networks in  domestic hot water (DHW) or point of entry (POE) systems found in healthcare facilities across North America and the rest of the world.

Whether you’re at the design stage or upgrading an existing facility, CSIDefender® provides long-term Legionella growth prevention and will work across your entire potable water distribution system.

"CSIDefender® Delivers Legionella Control in Healthcare Facilities Results"

Backed by a 10-year warranty. CSIDefender® has a proven track record in preventing Legionella growth in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Contact us today at: 1-888-988-4667  or email us to explore this reliable, easy to install Legionella growth control solution that delivers results and has been relied upon for more than 20 years.

copper silver ionization water treatment

Copper Silver Ionization Solutions

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