Legionella control solutions for healthcare facilities with CSIDefender® copper-silver ionization solutions.

Take a proactive approach to Legionella growth
prevention & compliance requirements.

Protect healthcare facility occupants by taking a proactive approach to mitigate Legionella risks associated to potable water networks.

CSIDefender® Copper silver ionization solutions in hospitals helps comply with Legionella Prevention Standards.;

Affordable and reliable, CSIDefender® Legionella growth control and prevention through a facility’s water distribution network within days.

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Source: Nationally Notifiable Disease Surveillance System via CDC Website (2000-2018)

Protect Your Patients, and Your Potable
Water Distribution Infrastructure

Other treatment options, including Thermal-eradication and chemicals, cause wear and tear on infrastructures such as pipes, water faucets, valves, and other components. This leads to more frequent maintenance and repairs; it also inadvertently creates new places for bacteria to grow and spread. Over time, the damage can ultimately wipe out the cost savings and other benefits of prevention entirely.

By using positively charged copper and silver ions instead of harsh chemicals or high water temperatures, the CSIDefender® solution provides more effective water treatment without damaging critical water distribution infrastructure, reducing your maintenance costs, and protecting your facility.

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Why CSIDefender® ?

CSIDefender® is the trusted name for protecting facility potable water networks for domestic hot water (DHW) or point of entry (POE) systems in healthcare facilities across North America and the rest of the world. Whether you’re upgrading an existing facility or at the design stage in a new one, CSIDefender® provides long term Legionella growth prevention and works across your entire potable water distribution system by saturating the biofilm with copper and silver ions to prevent existing or future Legionella growth issues.

Choose the solution that’s been relied upon for more than 20 years, has been engineered with leading-edge expertise and materials, and is backed by a 10-year warranty. CSIDefender® has a proven track record in preventing Legionella growth in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.


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According to the EPA, potable water is the most important source of Legionella bacteria. In hospitals, where patients are already vulnerable to infections, the CDC has shown that the risk of death from legionella rises to 25%. Highly publicized outbreaks have occurred in healthcare facilities in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, among other locations across North America and the rest of the world, demonstrating the impact this deadly but preventable bacteria can have on public health.

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