Legionella compliance engineering solutions with CSIDefender® copper silver ionization water treatment technology.
Engineered for facility potable water treatment Legionella growth prevention.

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Legionella Water Treatment Compliance Solutions

Legionella engineering compliance solutions with commercial and medical grade Copper-silver ionization technology , by CSIDefender®.

CSIDefender® Legionella compliance solutions have been deployed domestically in North America and exported to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East for almost 20 years.

CSIDefender® copper silver ionization solutions are engineered to protect healthcare facilitiesnursing homeshotelsschools, large residential buildings, and military establishments from Legionella growth in potable water distribution networks.

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Why Choose CSIDefender ®

Copper–Silver Ionization by CSIDefender® is a Legionella water treatment solution primarily used for Legionella growth control and prevention in healthcare, nursing homes, and hotel facilities. Legionella is a type of bacterium responsible for Legionnaires’ disease, a severe form of preventable pneumonia. Commercial and medical size Copper-Silver Ionization technology is recognized by the EPA, CDC, WHO and many other public health authorities around the world. The technology is commonly specified by consultant engineers in both new construction projects or for retrofits in existing facilities. Copper-silver ionization has shown to decreases the risks of Legionella exposure in facility potable water distribution networks for well over 20 years.

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Copper-Silver Ionization Legionella Growth Prevention & Compliance
Solutions for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) or Point of Entry (POE) Applications.

Legionella Growth Control in
Any Potable Water Conditions

Unmatched Water Flow Capacity
and Electrode Surface Contact Area

Industry known, reliable and easy
to use cut grooved connection.

copper silver ionization chamber cell structure

3rd Party Certified Pure High
Quality Electrodes

316 Stainless Steel Jacket

Fire and Plumbing Code Compliant

Legionella Engineering Specs

CSIDefender® has a proven record to help prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria in facility potable water distribution networks. Globally recognized since 2002, CSIDefender® is the most powerful and reliable copper silver ionization solution in the industry.

Supported by certified water management vendors, CSIDefender® are fully automated ionization control systems that disperse industry-proven and accepted copper and silver ion concentrations into facility water distribution networks. CSIDefender® water treatment solutions are known for their performance to help prevent potential Legionella exposure risks to facility occupants.

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CSIDefender® Legionella Water
Treatment Solutions

CSIDefender® is the world leader in powerful, innovative, and effective copper-silver ionization solutions for Legionella potable water treatment growth prevention and compliance. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Canada since 2002, CSIDefender® has over 7,300 installations across North America and around the world

Team and Technology

Our leading team of engineers, scientists, researchers, and Legionella experts are constantly advancing and evolving the capabilities of our products. Through a model of continuous improvement and research, we strive to provide innovative and exceptional Legionella growth prevention solutions that drive the industry forward and provide facility owners and managers better protection against a potential outbreak.