DHW Copper Silver Ionization Applications

DHW Copper Silver Ionization Applications

DHW Copper Silver Ionization ApplicationsWhen to use Domestic Hot Water (DHW) only Copper Silver Ionization applications?

A Domestic Hot Water (DHW) copper silver ionization water treatment system is only installed in the facilities potable hot water system with the express purpose of only treating the DHW potable water.

CSI-DHW systems are relatively smaller compared to the CSI-POE systems and normally start at amperage capacity (10 to 60 amps “or more” / 208VAC/180VDC), optional (normally not required) use of flow meters depending on manufacturing requirements and one (1) to six (6) ionization chamber cells installed in paralleled to each other based on the overall DHW usage load.

Facilities with multiple DHW zones returning to a common mechanical room (yet remain separate at all times) can install more powerful “Multi-Zone” CSI technology to lower overall technology footprint and cost without having to compromise on performance or reliability.

Among some of the critical Legionella risk triggers that can justify the use of a CSI-DHW system would include:

  • Geographical location of the facility with incoming potable water temperatures below 68F/20C (and/or)
  • High facility occupancy = no water stagnation (and/or)
  • Young / new facility (and/or)
  • No known Legionella issues (and/or)
  • The overall Legionella risk assessment such as ASHRAE188 concludes that secondary water disinfection intervention is only required for the DHW loop(s) and not for 100% if the facilities incoming water supply.