What Is Copper Silver Ionization

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What is Copper Silver Ionization?

Copper silver ionization for Legionella growth control and prevention is a complex application that requires both specialised engineering and electronic controllers to deliver save ion values into water distribution Systems. The core application, however simple in concept, is the metal electrolysis of specially formulated copper and silver alloy (or) pure copper and pure silver electrodes. The electronic application controls and chamber cell engineering are key to a successful Legionella growth control application and should only be performed by reputable and qualified suppliers known in the industry by consultant engineering firms or infectious control personnel.

Why Copper Silver Ionization?

When compared to other types of water treatment technologies, only copper silver ionization has the capabilities to deliver Legionella growth control and prevention without compromise regardless of water temperature. The technology is also recognized by the WHO, EPA and many other regulatory bodies globally. Being chemical free in nature, copper silver ionization technology also provides a discreet and reliable Legionella growth control solution without altering the water aesthetics or smell at the point of use areas.

How Does the Process Work?

Copper silver ionization work by applying an electrical current to electrodes. This electrical current is controlled by specially engineered computers that monitor the water parameters in real time as to both maintain the ideal ionic values in the water while maintaining a safe water environment to facility occupants. The copper and silver ions are transported within the facility water distribution network where they saturate biofilm and prevent Legionella growth from happening.

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How are copper-silver ions produced?

Copper silver ions are produces by applying a controlled electrical current to specially designed electrodes that are immersed into water. The production of ions can be in relation to water flow or peek daily water usage.

What is the disinfection mechanism of copper-silver ionization?

The basic disinfection mechanism of copper silver ionization has two parts. The first part is making the bacteria cell membrane permeable to silver via the use of copper. The second is the silver ions penetrating the Legionella cells and causing eventual lysis (i.e. death of the bacterium). Both the copper and silver ions are required to prevent Legionella growth.

Features and Benefits of Copper Silver Ionization

Among the key feature benefits of copper silver ionization are: low operational cost, easy to use, easy to install, excellent reputation for Legionella growth control, EPA and WHO recognition, reliable track record, no special operator license required, easy to maintain, discreet with no water discolouration or smell compared to chemical usage, and measurable results.

Copper Silver Ionization Solutions

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