Copper Silver Ionization Technology History

Electrically generated copper silver ionization technology has an interesting and long track record going back more than 50 years.

Since then, some “smart” electricity based copper silver ionization units have evolved.

Modern larger medical, military and commercials type copper silver ionization units, such as those manufactured by CSIDefender®, are now capable of treating up to 4.5 million gallons of new potable water per day. (Volume capacity based on ionization controller size)

Copper Silver Ionization Technology History The Swimming Pool Era

Fast forward to 20 years later, the first residential type copper silver ionization generators appeared on the market. Intended to treat relatively small and stagnant bodies of water such as swimming pools, spas and ornamental fountains, these very small copper (or copper silver) ionization units are still sold around the world today.

Swimming pool type ionization units had, and still have, a fixed (or manual) voltage output. Some might have a manual potentiometer capable of a very limited output capacity (i.e. 12, 24 or 48 VDC @ 125ma to 3 amps). While these units are an ideal algaecide, they lack silver content in their electrodes and have limited bactericide properties when installed in swimming pools. Some water management businesses and engineers, especially in less aware countries, have attempted to install these small CSI units within larger facility potable water distribution networks with short lived results leading to failures.

Unfortunately for the users, these smaller swimming pool type copper silver ionization units failed within a few weeks of being installed, simply because of their engineering limitations, such as their output potential, lack of automation, very small electrodes and lack of self-adjusting VDC outputs. Their relative cost varies from $250 to $9,950 depending on the size and where the units are sold geographically.

Don’t be fooled into installing a swimming pool type CSI unit into your facility potable water network.

Copper Silver Ionization Technology History The 1990s

In the late 1990’s, larger commercial type ionization units started to appear on the market.

Most of these units offered limited automation features but did include a more powerful self-adjusting output capacity of up to 100 VDC.

These larger units, normally using solid state electronic circuit boards, offer a maximum amperage output capacity of 10 to 12 amps total per controller.

One chamber cell per controller is typically used to push up to 10.0 amps depending on the VAC source (100 – 240VAC).

Amperage splitting happens when 2 or 3 ionisation chamber cells are connected to the same controller, the total controller output remains up to 10.0 amps max, yet divided into each respective cells. 5.0 amps each for 2 cells or 3.3 amps for three (3) installed chamber cells. This drop in available amperage capacity results in up to 70% lower performance with limited water treatment capacity.

Most of these older type controllers, still sold on the market today, normally require an electrical power source of 100-120 VAC (15 amps).

The solution capital cost for these older type units can range from $14,950 (USD) up to $145,500 (USD) depending on water treatment capacity requirements.

Copper Silver Ionization Technology History Smart Tech 2002

In 2002 AquaLyse® was introduced for facility potable water Legionella control and prevention.

AquaLyse®, Chamber Cells and Controllers were introduced in 2002, and provided 80% more power than any other copper silver ionization unit on the market with a 180 VDC fully automated variable drives.

Combined with up to 40 amps output capacity at the time, AquaLyse® Controllers were capable of connecting up to four (4) individually controlled chamber cells per controller. Each chamber cell would receive up to 10 amps.

AquaLyse® was setting new performance standards in the industry. It offered more powerful controllers engineered to deal with all types of water conditions including extremely high or extremely low water conductivity environments.

Since then, AquaLyse® was retired and replaced with the new generation CSIDefender® Controllers. These latest units, launched in October 2017, include three classifications of the most powerful copper-silver ionisation technology on the market.

The largest CSIDefender® copper silver ionization unit is capable of delivering 160 amps to 16 individual copper silver ionisation chamber cells. All of this performance is carefully put together into a very powerful fully automated controller manufactured by CSIDefender® in Canada.

Copper Silver Ionization Technology History In the Beginning

According to numerous online references on copper silver ionisation history, the technology was originally introduced by NASA during the 1960’s.

The Engineering behind CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization

The core copper silver ionization technology is a time tested and proven medical, commercial and military grade ionization process that generates positively charged copper and silver ions into facility potable water distribution networks.

Copper silver ionization technology is scientifically and field tested to provide long term Legionella growth prevention within facility potable water distribution networks.

CSIDefender® has been proven in healthcare facilities, nursing homes, hotels & resorts, residential and commercial buildings, military applications, and cruise ships for Legionella growth control and prevention in facility water distribution networks for over 20 years. With 46 medical, military, or commercial grade models available to meet your unique engineering specifications and water usage requirements, CSIDefender® is the leading copper silver ionization solution. CSIDefender® copper silver ionization technology comes with a 10 year limited warranty on the controllers and also includes a 10 year shelf-life storage warranty on the ion chamber cells.