copper silver ionization data logging

Copper Silver Ionization Data Logging and Reporting

CSIDefender® copper silver ionization water treatment solutions include remote controller access, remote controller configurations along with data logging and reporting features that permits users to view the full picture of their Legionella compliance activities through the network. Get advanced information about your entire potable water distribution network, ensure that CSIDefender® systems are running smoothly, and detect any issues through online and interactive reports on any device.

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Maintaining high standards of water quality is essential to prevent health risks, and the use of copper silver ionization is often used to help achieve this important task. Copper silver ionization is a well-known form of water treatment technology which works by releasing small amounts of Cu and Ag ions into a facility’s water distribution network. CSIDefender® creates a safe potable water environment which helps control Legionella bacteria growth and other micro-organisms in facility potable water networks. Ionic copper combined with ionic silver are one of the most effective solutions on the market today at controlling Legionella growth from facility potable water networks. Consultant engineers commonly specify commercial or medical grade copper silver ionization technology into new constructions facilities such as healthcare, long term care, hotels and more.

The software also has the capability to provide useful reports which can then be used to improve the efficiency of your Legionella compliance initiatives, as well as helping to inform health authorities if there is an issue which needs to be addressed. This can help to ensure that facility occupants are exposed to potable water which is safer from Legionella exposure, as well as reducing the chances of any potential long term health risks.

CSIDefender® copper silver ionization data logging and reporting is a vital process which must be undertaken in order to ensure that facility potable water is safe to use. With the help of specialised software and regular testing, it is possible to provide high-quality, safe potable water for everyone.

However, monitoring the effectiveness of these ions requires specialised technology to help measure and log changes in the water quality. In order to make sure the water remains safe, regular testing and reporting of the copper and silver ionization process is essential. This can be done through specialized software such the one included in all CSIDefender® units. CSIDefender® has the power to track changes in the water over time as well as logging any problems which appear so that maintenance or repair can be carried out as soon as possible.