CSIDefender® Whitepapers on Legionella Water Treatment Location Strategies and Legionella Control and Prevention within Facility Potable Water Distribution Networks.

Legionella Water Treatment Solutions
Location Strategies

Legionella Related White Papers & Copper Silver Ionization

General guideline on how to identify the best location where a copper-silver ionization solution should be installed along with some of the questions required to size a CSI technology and deliver optimum Legionella water treatment results.

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About Legionella and Biofilm

Copper Silver Ionization White Papers

The technologies used for Legionella growth prevention in facility potable water systems offer various advantages and disadvantages. With so much biased information available online, regardless of them being for or against a particular type technology, discovering the truth and the real differences between these technologies to then chose the right one for your project can be frustrating and confusing.In this whitepaper, written by industry leader Chris Gauthier, we’ll show you why Legionella prevention techniques such as thermal eradication and chemical treatments have their roles in the industry, and address some of the most common questions we hear about Copper Silver Ionization (CSI) solutions.

Secondary water disinfection is required for Legionella growth control or prevention. Download now to learn how you can effectively reduce the risk of exposure by facility occupants.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • When you should use a short-term or long term water treatment technology
  • The advantages and disadvantages of various short and long term water treatment technologies, including UV, thermal eradication, and chemical treatments
  • Why much of the information available on CSI technologies is actually biased or inaccurate regardless of which side you find yourself on
  • How CSI technologies have a near perfect track record when properly maintain and used

CSI Strategies

Legionella Water Treatment Location Strategies


About Biofilm

The “Biofilm” Identity


Facts About Legionella

Within facility potable water distribution networks.


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