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With an impressive selection of 46 CSIDefender® copper silver ionization controllers, there’s a CSI controller that will fit your facility Legionella compliance or growth prevention objectives. If you want the best engineered and performance in the industry look no further than CSIDefender®.

Copper Silver Ionization Controllers by CSIDefender® are the power and brains behind your Legionella growth prevention solution. These innovative CSI controllers are software-based. They are also fully automated to anticipate and react to various water conditions without the need for human intervention. Powerful and smart enough to handle multiple copper-silver ionization cells, CSIDefender® controllers can reduce your relative technology footprint and cost without sacrificing on performance or reliability.

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Secure Remote WiFi and Password
Protected PLC Monitoring

Powerful and Versatile
for Any Deployment

Operational Status LED lights
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copper silver ionization controller

Built-In Safety Backup
Redundancy Engineering

Powerful Drives for
any Water Conditions

Fully Automated for Better

Copper Silver Ionization Controllers
CSIDefender® Benefits


Fully Automated for Better Protection

CSIDefender® Controllers leverage innovative and advanced software capabilities to anticipate and respond to various potable water conditions without the need for human intervention. The controller automatically reacts to sudden changes, pre-emptively avoids issues, and manages multiple chamber cells independently to ensure your potable water system is protected against Legionella growth. When combined with CSIDefender® Ion Chamber Cells, they provide the most effective Legionella growth prevention solution on the market.


Powerful and Versatile for Any Deployment

CSIDefender® Controllers include fully automated (PID) independent activation DC drives for each individual chamber cell, delivery capacities of between 5 amps and 160 amps. With 46 models available divided into Point of Entry (POE) and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) categories, there’s a CSIDefender® Controller available for your facility, no matter your size, volume, or facility occupancy.


Reduced Technology Footprint

When combined with CSIDefender® Chamber Cells, users can significantly reduce their technology footprint without sacrificing on power and performance. Depending on your needs, you can connect multiple chamber cells to a single more powerful CSI controller. These more powerful CSIDefender “Multi-Cell” models (20 amps to 160 amps) will let you lower your technology footprint by up to 80% and relative capital installation cost by up to 46% without any performance compromise.


Remote Monitoring and Communications

CSIDefender® Controllers include a wide range of secure communication features for remote monitoring, including Bluetooth to HMI Tablet, REMS, and BACNET connectivity. CSIDefender® controller access levels include multi-level password protection and optional offsite secure data logging to the Portal-Hub.com network.

Legionella Water Treatment
in Domestic Hot Water (DHW)
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Legionella Water Treatment
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