CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization
Point of Entry Water Treatment Solution Models

CSI-E2FM20A22VAR≤ 2.25"≤ 120
≤ 45.0K
CSI-E2FMS20A22SSNot Applicable≤ 120
≤ 45.0K
CSI-E2FS20A22T2T≤ 2.25"≤ 120
≤ 45.0K
CSI-E3FM30A33VAR≤ 3.50"≤ 155
≤ 67.5K
CSI-E3FMS30A33SSNot Applicable≤ 155
≤ 67.5K
CSI-E3FS30A33T2T≤ 3.50"≤ 155
≤ 67.5K
CSI-E4FM40A44VAR≤ 5.00"≤ 240
≤ 90.0K
CSI-E4FMS40A44SSNot Applicable≤ 240
≤ 90.0K
CSI-E4FS40A44T2T≤ 5.00"≤ 240
≤ 90.0K
CSI-E6FM60A66VAR≤ 7.00"≤ 310
≤ 135.0K
CSI-E6FMS60A66SSNot Applicable≤ 310
≤ 135.0K
CSI-E6FS60A66T2T≤ 7.00"≤ 310
≤ 135.0K
CSI-E8FM80A88VAR≤ 10.00"≤ 480
≤ 180.0K
CSI-E8FMS80A88SSNot Applicable≤ 480
≤ 180.0K
CSI-E8FS80A88T2T≤ 10.00"≤ 480
≤ 180.0K
CSI-E12FM120A1212VAR≤ 12.00"≤ 620
≤ 270.0K
CSI-E16FM160A1616VAR≤ 16.00"≤ 960
≤ 320.0K
CSI-E32FM320A3232VAR≤ 32.00"≤ 1920
≤ 640.0K

¹ – VAR = In-Line variable water flow, T2T = Tank to Tank fix water flow, SS = Side Stream with recirculation, ** Additional Models Available.

² – GPM (Gallons US per minute) for each of the zones identified in your facility. This will let us determine which one of the copper silver ionization POE models that will best fit your requirements.

³ – Average Point of Entry Load (Water Usage) in GPD (Gallons US per day) for each of the POE zones identified in your facility.


Disclaimer: All information in this chart is subject to change without notice. Please contact your local CSIDefender® representative or email us should you have any comments or questions in regards to choosing the appropriate copper silver ionization model for your facility Legionella growth prevention upgrade.

Point of Entry Water Treatment Legionella Solution ModelsNew 2022-2023 Copper Silver Ionization
POE Application Brochure (PDF)

Point of Entry (POE) Water Treatment Legionella control with Commercial & Medical Copper Silver Ionization Solutions

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Copper silver ionization POE models by CSIDefender® are facility potable water treatment solutions used for Legionella growth control and prevention. These copper silver ionization units are commonly installed in either large potable hot water distribution networks or point of entry applications. Legionella is a bacterium known to cause Legionnaires’ disease, a preventable form of severe pneumonia. Copper silver ionization is recognized by the CDC, EPA and WHO. CSIDefender® is also regularly specified by engineering consultants in design stage new construction projects. Copper silver ionization water treatment can also be easily retrofitted into existing facilities such as healthcare, nursing homes, and hotels. C-ETL-UL, CSA, CE and NSF/ANSI61 on all wetted components.

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