CSI-E1 (10A) Copper Silver Ionization Solution

The CSIDefender® CSI-E1 (10A) copper silver ionization solution is our workhorse entry level unit. Affordable and reliable, this system is engineered for small to medium size healthcare or long term care facilities having less than 145 beds. Hotels with less than 100 rooms and commercial buildings with low daily water usage can also take advantage of the CSIDefender® CSI-E1 (10A) / with 1 active ionization chamber cell solution.

Some Controller Features:

The CSI-E1 (10A) automated controller automatically adjusts to variable water conditions. Water temperature does not affect the performance of these units.  Also included are optional remote access features and a standard universal BMS interface included with all of our solutions. Another unique CSIDefender® feature is a software based amperage output ionization set-point that can vary from 2A to 10A total output to accommodate various facility potable water loads that fall within the capacity parameters for this model.

Some Ionization Chamber Cell Features:

Each CSIDefender® ionization chamber cell is constructed of schedule 40 (316) stainless steel jacket to meet international plumbing codes. Additionally, unlike PVC or CPVC, the stainless steel chamber cell jacket complies with additional building codes when such materials are not permitted.

csi-e1 copper silver ionization

CSIDefender® Documentation:

NOTE: DHW application CSIDefender® copper silver ionization technologies are normally installed within the facility domestic hot water distribution network. Physical installation should be in the domestic hot water return line (DHWR) immediately before the hot water maker(s). The CSI-E1 (10A), with 1 active ionization chamber cell, requires that the DHWR be ≤ 1.25″ with a maximum flow rate of ≤ 65.0 GPM. A larger CSIDefender® copper silver ionization solution is required if the DHWR is larger than 1.25″.

Model No: CSI-E1 (10A)
Application: Domestic Hot Water
DHWR: ≤ 1.25″
BEDS: ≤ 145 Healthcare Beds | ≤ 100 Hotel Rooms
Water Load: ≤ 22.5K GPD | ≤100M3D


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