Copper-Silver Ionization Solutions for Point of Entry (POE) and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Applications.

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Copper Silver Ionization Solutions by CSIDefender® provide better performance through superior engineering design. 100% Made in North America, these industry leading CSI Chamber Cells include eight “Certified Pure” ionization electrodes. They also feature commercial grade electrical connectivity protection all housed in a cut grooved Schedule 40 (316) stainless steel external jacket.Legionella Water Treatment Technology

Unlike PVC and CPVC, the stainless steel jacket meets all fire and plumbing building codes. It also provides superior tolerance levels in any liquid potable water temperatures or pressures. Combined with the industry leading CSIDefender® controllers, and with less that 3PSI drop in pressure, these robust military grade Copper Silver Ionization (CSI) chamber cells are the best engineered solutions on the market today.

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Copper-Silver Ionization Controllers:

Fully Automated Legionella Water Treatment Prevention & Compliance Solutions

Copper-Silver Ionization Controllers by CSIDefender® are the power and brains behind your Legionella growth prevention solution. These innovative CSI controllers are software-based. They are also fully automated to anticipate and react to various water conditions without the need for human intervention. Powerful and smart enough to handle multiple copper-silver ionization cells, CSIDefender® Controllers reduce your technology footprint and cost without sacrificing on performance or reliability.

With 46 models available, there’s a CSIDefender® Controller available for your facility. If you want the best in the industry for your potable water distribution network, look no further than CSIDefender®.

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Cooper Siver Ionization (CSI)

Copper Silver Ionization (CSI) technologies provide a number of advantages over traditional water treatment options such as thermal eradication or chemical treatments. By generating positively charged copper (Cu2+) and silver (Ag+) ions, CSIDefender® prevents legionella bacteria growth and saturates the biofilm where it grows while reducing the relative cost and technology footprint compared to other solutions.

Our experts can help you choose the right CSI technologies for your project. To find out more, visit our leading Portal-Hub platform.

Copper Silver Ionization Solutions

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