Copper Silver Ionization Solutions

Copper Silver Ionization Solutions with CSIDefender®

Copper silver ionization solutions engineered for facility potable water Legionella growth prevention and/or Legionella remediation.

  • Silver Copper Ionization Cells
    CSIDefender® copper silver ionization line of Stainless Steel Ion Chamber Cells provide unique internal and external engineering features.

Copper Silver Ionization

CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization solutions are installed in buildings such as:

Copper Silver IonizationWhy CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization?

  • Guaranteed performance,
  • Complies with International Plumbing Codes for both temperature and pressure,
  • Complies with facility fire building codes,
  • 100% compatible with any BMS system,
  • Built in PLC software remote monitoring, remote management and remote data logging,
  • Most powerful controller output amperage and voltage capacity in the industry,
  • Redundant / backup safety features,
  • Proven 15+ year track record,
  • Unique ionization chamber cell engineering with internal laminar flow to extend the life of electrodes,
  • Limited 10 year warranty on controllers,
  • Best CSI Support via the network,
  • 24/7 toll free hotline for pre and post technology installation support,
  • Global support network of qualified AquaLyse® and CSIDefender® Vendors.

silver copper ionization solutions