copper silver ionization performance specifications

“Copper Silver Ionization Performance Specifications for Consultant Engineering Firms that require facility potable water distribution network Legionella Prevention.”

Copper Silver Ionization

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Consultant engineers use the Portal-Hub to generate Legionella prevention copper silver ionisation technology specs that fits their new facility potable water treatment objectives.
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Copper Silver Ionization SpecsThese copper silver ionization performance specs are

“OPEN” and will not include any branding yet will provide a working template for consultant engineers to study and use. 

All Copper Silver Ionization performance specs are tailored to promote a fair and open tendering process. 

Legionella Growth Prevention with Copper Silver Ionization water treatment for Medical, military and commercial (hotels, schools, office buildings, etc…) size buildings are specified and recognized globally as a reliable and affordable means of facility potable water treatment.

Consultant engineers, involved with Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Services, and who require Water Treatment for Legionella in construction projects at the design stage are regularly challenged when trying to determine what best type of facility potable water Legionella prevention technology should be included in their specifications. (Click here to receive custom copper silver ionisation specs via the AquaLyse® Portal-Hub)

Just a few minutes online will save engineers hours in facility potable water related  research, provide MEP Details, will avoid costly mistakes and provide them with accurate copper silver ionization shop drawings, copper silver ionization specs and AquaLyse ® pricing information.”

The Portal-Hub website offers information for engineers seeking guidance in properly sizing medical, military and commercial size copper silver ionisation water treatment technology. The website also includes sections to help identify which technology engineering features should be included in the copper silver ionisation specifications.
Copper Silver Ionization
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