Copper Silver Ionization Multi-Zone Controllers

CSIDefender® “Multi-Zone” Copper Silver Ionization Controllers

CSI Water TreatmentCSIDefender® is the only technology that can provide you with up to 46% savings by using a Multi-Zone CSI solutions in multiple close proximity DHW loops without any amperage splitting. (i.e chamber cell twinning)

CSI Water TreatmentCSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization Multi-Zone Controllers can drastically reduce technology footprint by up to 80%.

Q: Ask yourself these three (3) key questions:

  • CSI Water TreatmentDoes your facility engineering have multiple Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Loops?
  • Do the multiple DHW loops return in a common mechanical room?
  • Does each DHW loop remain separated from each other at all times?

If you answered “YES” to all three of these questions, a “Multi-Zone” copper silver ionization unit should definitely be considered as part of your long term facility Legionella control or remediation program.

CSIDefender® Multi-Zone DHW Loop Benefits:

  • Saves up to 46% on installation costs over the competition,
  • Saves up to 52% compared to chlorine dioxide (ClO2) installation costs,
  • Offers 50% to 75% smaller technology footprint,
  • CSI Controllers deliver 80% more automated variable voltage power output,
  • Provides up to 16 times additional amperage output set-points compares to any other competitors.    (Multi-Zone controllers can deliver from 20 to 160 amps per controller)

Copper Silver Ionization Multi-Zone ControllersProCare Multi-Zone copper silver ionization units can reduce the traditional footprint by up to 75% when compared to any other traditional copper silver ionization units on the market. It can also reduce your technology footprint by up to 80% when compared to chlorine dioxide (ClO2) technology.

CSIDefender® fully automated “Multi-Zone” PID copper silver ionization controllers provides the end users with the most powerful ionization units (amps & voltage) on the market and also includes redundant safety features unique to the brand.

Each DHW loops treated are monitored & controlled independently in real time with only one (1) very powerful CSIDefender® copper silver ionization PID controller.

The fact remains that…

Once an CSIDefender® copper silver ionization Multi-Zone unit is installed within your facility, you will benefit from having the most powerful and fully automated PID controller on the market today.

Copper Silver Ionization

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