Get the commercial size Copper Silver Ionization Solution That’s Built for Potable Water Treatment

CSIDefender® copper silver ionization (CSI) legionella growth prevention solutions are designed, engineered, and built for buildings with low, medium and high daily potable water usage. These innovative technologies are significantly more powerful, engineered completely differently, and are intended for facility Legionella potable water treatment rather than swimming pools.

Understand the differences between Commercial vs. Swimming Pool Copper Silver Ionization Technology

That’s why, when investigating alternatives and comparing the engineering requirements for Legionella water treatment objectives, you should always ensure you are choosing a commercial, medical or military type CSI solution with the power and performance you need.

Why Are “Swimming Pool” type CSI Solutions Ineffective for Facility Potable Water Treatment?

Most alternative CSI solutions are only effective for treating relatively small quantities of somewhat stagnant non-potable water on a daily basis. The relative swimming pool water usage load compared to a facility potable water usage is dramatically smaller. These types of non-commercial CSI units are not designed to be effective across the entire water distribution system, meaning they lack the power, performance, and available alloy required for larger installations. If installed within a facility’s potable water distribution network, they have been known to have performance issues and quickly fail, leaving you without any means of controlling legionella bacteria growth and putting your building occupants at risk.

That’s why, when making a decision about which solution to install, you should always look for commercial grade technologies such as the CSIDefender®. These solutions are proven and reliable Legionella growth control technologies.

Compare the differences in the chart below to see why facility potable water requires a more powerful solution.

Engineering & Observations for Each Technology type Swimming Pool type Copper Silver Ionization water treatment for Algae and Bacterial control: Legionella growth control in Facility Potable Water with commercial size Copper Silver Ionization technology.
Electrical Power Consumption
    3 to 120 Watts
    200 to 85,500 Watts
Maximum applied DC voltage to electrodes
    12, 24, 48 VDC
    0 to 180 VDC (CSI Defender®)
Current draw per system
    FIX (Circuit board)
    0.250 milliamps to 5.0 amps
    Programable (PLC with HMI)
    2.0 to 20.0 amps each chamber cell
Electrode mass per ionisation chamber cell
    0.25 lbs –  3 lbs (each chamber cell)
    6 lbs to 9 lbs (each chamber cell)
Electrode surface contact with water per ionisation chamber cell
    up to 200 cm2
    200 cm2 to 36,000 cm2
Automated variable DC Power Output to compensate for electrode erosion in real time:
Timer control
Industrial Applications
Remote Monitoring / Management
Residential swimming pools
Ornamental fountains
Agricultural Fruit Wash
Domestic hot water
Cooling towers
    NO (lack of output capacity)
    NO (pH issues over 8.7)
    NO (pH limit over 8.7)
Irrigation systems
    YES (Cu only required)
Low conductivity potable water
    YES (Power output required up to 180VDC)
    CSI Defender®
High conductivity potable water
    YES (Software controls PID)
    CSI Defender®
Time for installation
    1 to 2 hours
    3 to 8 hours
Copper test kits / monitoring
    Color – Chemical Test Kit using drops
    Traditional: Field spectrophotometer and/or yearly atomic absorption
    2015: CSI Defender® – In-Line real time water monitoring, data logging and reporting.
Average Cost ea. (US)
    $200 to $9,500
    $10,000 to $225,000