Copper-Silver Ionization Legionella Growth Prevention & Compliance Solutions for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) or Point of Entry (POE) Applications.

Copper Silver Ionization Cells

Legionella Water Treatment Technology
Copper Silver Ionization Cells by CSIDefender® provide better performance through superior engineering design. 100% Made in North America, these industry leading CSI Chamber Cells include eight “Certified Pure” ionization electrodes. They also feature unique internal laminar flow engineering that eliminates premature electrode erosion combined with commercial grade electrical connectivity protection all housed in a cut grooved Schedule 40 (316) stainless steel external jacket.

Unlike PVC and CPVC, the stainless steel jacket meets all fire and plumbing building codes. It also provides superior tolerance levels in any liquid potable water temperatures or pressures. Combined with the industry leading CSIDefender® controllers, and with less that 3PSI drop in pressure, these robust military grade Copper Silver Ionization (CSI) chamber cells are the best engineered solutions on the market today.

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Legionella Growth Control in Any Potable Water Conditions
Unmatched Water Flow Capacity and Electrode Surface Contact Area
Industry known, reliable and easy to use cut grooved connection.
Silver Copper Ionization
3rd Party Certified Pure High Quality Electrodes 
Electrode Erosion Protection Internal Laminar Flow Engineering
Fire and Plumbing Code Compliant

Copper Silver Ionization Cells
Benefits of CSIDefender® Solutions

3rd Party Certified Pure
High Quality Electrodes

Copper Silver Ionization Chamber Cells by CSIDefender® include 8 custom moulded medical grade copper-silver alloy electrodes (or separate pure copper and pure silver) mounted inside each ionization chamber in a cross configuration. Unique in the industry to provide double the electrode surface contact area and increasing efficiency and effectiveness. The electrodes work by releasing positively charged copper and silver ions into the potable water to saturate biofilm and prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria. Through this innovative design, the water flow capacity and total electrode surface area are unmatched by any traditional exposed-end electrode solution.

Electrode Erosion Protection
Internal Laminar Flow

CSIDefender® Chamber Cells use an industry first and only, internal laminar flow configuration. This helps to minimize premature physical electrode erosion, prevents sedimentation related to internal water turbulence, offers control over various copper silver alloy concentrations, and extends the lifespan of the cells by up to 19% compared to other cells on the market.

Fire and Plumbing Code

High quality schedule 40 stainless steel construction, industry known and reliable Victaulic® unions or flanges, and pressure tolerances well beyond 500PSI make the CSIDefender® solution durable, fire and plumbing code compliant, and easy to maintain.

Reduced Technology Footprint

When combined with CSIDefender® Controllers, users can significantly reduce their technology footprint without sacrificing on power and performance. Depending on your needs, you can connect multiple chamber cells to a single more powerful CSI controller. These more powerful CSIDefender “Multi-Cell” models (20 amps to 160 amps) will let you lower your technology footprint by up to 80% and relative capital installation cost by up to 46% without any performance compromise.

Legionella Growth Prevention
Versatility in any
Potable Water Conditions

Built with the highest quality, 100% American and Canadian materials, CSIDefender® Ion Chamber Cells are engineered to perform in any potable water conditions, temperatures, or pressures.

Industry Standard, Reliable and Easy to Use Cut Grooved Connection
Industry has made it very clear that the use of standard off the shelf couplings or flanges is preferable over proprietary type connections for ease of installation and access to parts. We listened and the CSIDefender® stainless steel ionization chamber cells feature cut grooves connections that use industry known Victaulic® or Di-Lock® unions (or flanges). This make installation and ongoing maintenance of the ion chamber cells easy and practical regardless of your geographical location

Legionella Water Treatment
in Domestic Hot Water (DHW)
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Legionella Water Treatment
in Point of Entry (POE)
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CSIDefender® Chamber Cells are the most sophisticated, easy to maintain, reliable and cost-effective CSI Legionella growth prevention technologies available. Keep your facility occupants safe from potential Legionella bacteria with the safe and reliable solution from CSIDefender®.

Copper Silver Ionization Solutions
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