Copper Silver Ionization Applications for Point of Entry (POE) and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Water Treatment Legionella Growth Control

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What solution do you need?

There are two facility potable water locations where you should consider installing a Copper Silver Ionization application solution for Legionella growth prevention and/or compliance.

Depending on your Legionella risk assessment results, you should find either a Point of Entry (POE) or Domestic Hot Water (DHW) location. Both types of applications are possible. A certified CSIDefender® experts can work with you to determine which option is best for your facility requirements and then provide you with a detailed documentation.

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What is Copper Silver Ionization for
Domestic Hot Water (DHW)?

Domestic hot water systems are relatively smaller compared to CSI-POE systems and typically start at amperage capacity of 5 to 60 amps, the optional use of flow meters (not required in modern CSI technologies), and one to six “active” ionization chamber cells installed in parallel to each other. The number of installed chamber cells is directly linked to the overall daily domestic potable hot water usage load.

Each of the ionization chamber cells should have a dedicated output ionization power drive linked to an automated software-based Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The CSI PLC should be able to automatically adapts to any potable water conditions that should also be linked to any building management system (BMS). The CSI-DHW solution can are easily installed on either the DHW return or supply side of the loop using standard commercially available plumbing components.

Facilities with multiple separate DHW zones returning to a common mechanical room (yet remaining separate at all times) can install more powerful CSI controllers to lower the overall technology footprint and relative cost without compromising on performance, safety or reliability.

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What is Copper Silver Ionization
for Point of Entry (POE) ?

A point of entry water treatment application is installed on the facility potable water source with the express purpose of treating all of the incoming water before it goes into the facility’s water distribution network.

CSI-POE systems include larger amperage capability (30 to 160 amps), and at least three or more ionization chamber cells installed in parallel to each other that will provide instant copper silver ionization injection. Each chamber cell has its own individual output ionization power drive, which is monitored by one of our powerful CSI-POE software based controllers to automatically adapt to the variable daily water usage flow in real time.

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When to focus on domestic hot water Legionella prevention application?

Some of the critical Legionella risk triggers that can justify the use of a CSI-DHW system include:

  • Incoming potable water temperatures < 68°F / 20°C,
  • Hot water temperature delivery < 125°F / 52°C,
  • Hot Water Maker Cold water mixing valves,
  • Possible dead legs,
  • Age of a facility,
  • Type of facility (Healthcare, Nursing Homes, Hotels),
  • Type of facility occupants,
  • Biofilm presence,
  • Known or possible Legionella issues,
  • Legionella risk assessment, such as ASHRAE188, recommends secondary DHW water treatment,
  • CMS Compliance (USA) for Healthcare and Nursing Home facilities.

When to focus on a point of entry Legionella prevention application?

Some of the critical Legionella risk triggers that can justify the use of a CSI-POE system include:

  • Facility incoming potable water temperatures above > 68°F/20°C,
  • Possible facility potable water stagnation areas,
  • Low facility occupancy (seasonal, temporary or permanent),
  • Alleged Legionella issues without fully knowing the origins or location of the problem,
  • Legionella risk assessment, such as ASHRAE188, recommends POE secondary water intervention is required.

Choosing the right CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization solution for your facility potable water network depends on a variety of factors. To ensure you get the solution that best meets your needs, talk to one of our experts.

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