Become a CSIDefender® Vendor Partners

Our CSIDefender® copper silver ionization vendor partners have been instrumental to our over 20 years of success. Thinking differently about everything, we do to make our industry better in relation to copper silver ionization water treatment solutions, Legionella compliance and Legionella remediation.

This approach extends to our global vendor community, where from a foundation of scientific & operational excellence, we are well-placed to support our established and emerging copper-silver ionization brands in developing a profitable, high-functioning channel.

Creating Scale Together

Our copper silver ionization engineering, manufacturing and educational business model is built around vendor support, technology availability, reliability and performance. Partner Vendors who work with us feel this business growth support impact immediately. From custom marketing materials to optional on-site sales training & support, no stone is left unturned to provide you with the best environment to develop and grow a profitable copper-silver ionization water treatment solution channel.


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Geared for Success

As our business is organized around engineering and manufacturing in Canadian with global sales & distribution, a new vendor becomes part of this group and will receive the marketing materials necessary to engage their local market, create market differentiation and focus on industry growth.   

Specifically, we provide valuable industry knowledge, support and reassurances that there is a structured methodology behind how we’ll create growth together.  Indeed, with a focus on particular key industry related markets, many of our domestic and international vendors have enjoyed extraordinary channel success.  


Copper Silver Ionization Solutions

Staying Ahead of the Pact

We’ve done the hard work engineering copper-silver ionization water treatment solutions that genuinely deliver results. Some of the best scientific, engineering and automation minds in the industry continually contribute to the evolution of our brand of copper-silver ionization solutions “CSIDefender®”. People whose career it is to look beyond the horizon and keep developing innovative Legionella growth control solutions to exceed industry expectations.

You can tap into our leading edge copper-silver ionization solutions, our vendor training program, unique technology automation features and our data network dedicated to copper silver ionization end users, water treatment vendors and consultant engineering firms.  This in turn will help you offer Legionella growth prevention potable water treatment solutions to your customers who are now exploring what best avenue to take.

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Copper Silver Ionization Solutions

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