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Phone us Local or 1-888-988-4667

USA Office Phone numbers

CALos Angeles(213) 277-7082
DCWashington(202) 351-6822
LANew Orleans(504) 507-8343
MABoston(508) 318-2809
WASeattle(206) 400-7598

Canada Office Phone numbers

BCVancouver(604) 630-1114
NSHalifax(902) 322-3128
Service en français
(438) 288-0494


Manufacturing Locations & Parts

  • Hydrodynamics & Mechanical manufacturing: Moncton, NB (Canada)
  • Automation & Electronics manufacturing: Charlottetown, PE & Moncton, NB (Canada)
  • Final Assembly, Testing, packaging & shipping: Moncton, NB & Dieppe, NB (Canada)
  • CSI Chamber Cell Source Materials and Alloy: 100% USA
  • CSI Controller Source Materials: 81% USA / 14% CAN / 5% Other

TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY: Any business or person that represents, sells or supports CSIDefender® or AquaLyse® brands must have an authentic Vendor Certificate. All AquaLyse® and CSIDefender® solutions are strictly manufactured in Canada and expedited globally. Country of origin: CANADA. Please contact us should you require confirmation of technology source and authenticity.

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