Commercial Facility Legionella Water Treatment

Commercial buildings have complex water systems. Stagnant water in these can become a hotspot for Legionella bacteria, a risk facility managers and owners must address. An outbreak affects public health and a building’s reputation. In some climates, water temperatures (20°C to 42°C or 68°F to 107.6°F) are perfect for Legionella growth. Over time, stagnant water can lose its ability to kill bacteria.

Enter CSIDefender®. Using copper and silver’s antimicrobial power, it ensures water remains safe, no matter the building’s status. Acting early is beneficial, preventing costly outbreaks and ensuring a facility’s good standing. CSIDefender® is the definitive choice for proactive water safety, underscoring a commitment to public health.

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Take a proactive approach to Legionella growth prevention & compliance requirements.

Choose CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionisation solutions to upgrade your plumbing and protect your facility occupants from potential Legionella exposure and Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks associated to your commercial facility.


What is Legionnaires’ Disease?

Legionnaires’ disease is a serious type of pneumonia triggered by the Legionella bacterium. This bacterium often multiplies in building water systems and can spread when it turns into a mist that people can inhale. Common sources of this mist include shower heads, faucets, and even decorative fountains.

Once inhaled, the bacteria travel to the lungs. There, they can grow and potentially lead to the infection we know as Legionnaires’ disease. There’s also a milder illness caused by the same bacteria called Pontiac fever.

Individuals with weaker immune systems have a higher chance of contracting Legionnaires’ disease or Pontiac fever. Places like commercial buildings, certain schools, and condos are more likely to see cases related to these illnesses.

Commercial Buildings and Legionella

When your building houses hundreds of thousands of occupants, it’s crucial to pick a solution that efficiently covers the whole water system.

CSIDefender® employs Copper Silver Ionization, making it a top choice for treating Legionella in commercial facilities. Not only is it cost-effective and energy-efficient, but it’s also dependable. By integrating CSIDefender®, you can significantly reduce Legionella risks. Moreover, it aligns well with ASHRAE 188 Legionella Prevention Standards, especially when additional water treatment is suggested or needed.


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Benefits of CSIDefender®

1. Easy to Install and Maintain in New or Existing Buildings

CSIDefender® is an automated solution that fits comfortably into small spaces, making it perfect for both new and existing commercial facilities. Its goal? To halt Legionella growth. Unlike chlorine-based alternatives, CSIDefender® doesn’t require storing chemicals on-site and doesn’t produce harmful by-products. It boasts an impressive 99.99% uptime and only needs minimal monthly upkeep. For building owners seeking reliability and efficiency, CSIDefender® stands out as the prime choice.

2. Reduce Costs Compared to Alternative Treatments

While thermal-eradication and chemical treatments consume significant resources, energy, and manpower, CSIDefender® offers a more efficient alternative. It ensures a safer environment in facilities, can cut legionella prevention costs by up to 66%, and reduces risks tied to outbreaks. This includes legal challenges and adherence to ASHRAE 188 Legionella Prevention Standards when advised.

3. Reliable and Powerful Enough for Thousands of Building Occupants

While many Copper-Silver Ionization (CSI) technologies on the market are designed for low-power applications like swimming pools, CSIDefender® is built differently. Engineered for varied water loads, it can serve everything from small setups to the most massive buildings, effortlessly catering to thousands of occupants. With 46 controller options tailored for specific requirements, often, just one automated unit covers an entire water system. Unlike traditional methods such as Thermal-eradication or chemical treatments that offer short-term benefits of 3-6 weeks, CSIDefender® delivers continuous, long-term protection against legionella exposure.

4. Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Legionella Prevention

Commercial buildings typically supply hot water at 120°F. However, to combat legionella, the water must be heated to 140°F or more. This not only raises scalding risks but also wastes energy and can damage plumbing. Moreover, when cold water mixes in to adjust this super-heated water back to safe levels, cross-contamination happens, and legionella can return, making the effort pointless.

Meanwhile, chemical treatments produce hazardous by-products and consume considerable resources. In today’s age of sustainability and energy consciousness, such methods are outdated. CSIDefender® offers a green solution: it cuts the energy demands linked with traditional hot water treatments, needs minimal oversight, and is free from chemical by-products, establishing it as a sustainable, eco-friendly choice.

Building owners and managers in commercial facilities, schools, community centers, and office buildings have trusted the CSIDefender® for almost 20 years in hundreds of locations across North America and the world.


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