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A global industry leader for over 20 years, Procare Water Treatment Inc. is a Legionella water treatment solution business that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of medical & industrial grade Copper Silver Ionization (CSI) technology. These Legionella growth control and prevention solutions are engineered for large facility potable water distribution networks.

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The flagship lines of CSI products include: CSIDefender® (North America), and AquaLyse® (Middle East, Europe & Asia). Both brands are manufactured in Canada only and supported by a global network of certified CSI water treatment partners.

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ProCare Water Treatment Inc. also develops and manufactures OEM Copper Silver Ionization solutions along with unique technology research prototypes for NASA and other institutions.

ProCare Water Treatment Inc. was the first in the industry to deploy reliable and flexible software based copper silver ionization water treatment automation solutions. Combined with a modular hardware approach, Procare continues to lead the way in the industry as a provider of reliable facility potable water treatment solutions for Legionella growth prevention & control.

With a focus on Education, Manufacturing, and Industry Support, Procare Water Treatment Inc. provides ongoing educational programs for technology associates, leading-edge development & manufacturing infrastructure along with global Legionella compliance support for facility managers and construction project collaboration with consultant engineers.

From our CSI automation controllers to our ionization chamber cells, we provide engineering features that exceed expectations and outperform the industry.

Because of our commitment to excellence, we proudly support the following industry related organizations:


Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering


American Society of Mechanical Engineers


Canadian Healthcare Engineers society


American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineer


Infection Prevention & Control Canada

Recognized Technology for the Control of Legionella

CSI technology has been proven and endorsed by some of the world’s most reputable organizations, including:

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