Chris Gauthier FOUNDER & CEO

Chris Gauthier is the world’s leading expert on copper silver ionization and Legionella growth prevention technologies. With more than 26 years of dedicated experience and research within the water industry, Chris has worked to advance the capabilities and performance of CSI solutions through a commitment to science, engineering and continuous improvement. He has designed many of the technologies used in the CSIDefender®, and has led the evolution of these technologies with the goal of providing safe, effective, and superior Legionella growth prevention solutions.

Chris regularly works directly with engineers, consultant engineers, facility managers, industry experts and regulatory agencies to build better technologies, develop new standards, and advance the field of CSI Legionella prevention in North America and around the world.

Chris leads a diverse team of subject matter experts with a wide variety of skills and experiences, including electrical engineers, hydrodynamic engineers, automation process software engineers and developers, metallurgy engineers, and other professionals. This incredible collection of talent and expertise is behind the industry leading technologies and components that go into all CSIDefender® products and solutions.

Based in New Brunswick, Canada, all CSIDefender® components are North American made and assembled and/or machined in Canada to provide the best quality and performance globally.

Chris Gauthier

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