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Copper silver ionization solutions for
Legionella growth control and prevention since 2002.



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Reputable medical & commercial copper silver ionization Legionella growth prevention water treatment solutions that deliver results, are easy to install and can fit any budget.

CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization Solutions

Copper Silver Ionization Solutions 20 Years

Copper silver ionization solutions are non-chemical facility water treatment technologies. These solutions are used in elaborate potable water distribution networks. CSIDefender® prevents or remediates Legionella growth without the traditional and intrusive use of thermal eradication or hyper-chlorination. Commercial or medical-grade copper silver ionization units discreetly help manage and lower Legionella exposure risks.

CSIDefender® copper silver ionization provides Legionella growth control and prevention. These solutions are engineered for healthcare facilities, long-term care homes, hotels, and large buildings with complex potable water distribution networks.

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Commercial and Medical Copper Silver Ionization Solutions

copper silver ionization warranty

CSIDefender® copper silver ionization include a 10-year limited warranty on the controllers. These solutions also include a one year pro-rated warranty on the ionization chamber cells.

Commonly specified by consultant engineers in construction projects, CSIDefender® copper silver ionization help comply with Legionella regulations and guidelines.

Copper Silver Ionization Water Treatment Solutions for:

With an impressive selection of 46 different copper silver ionization solutions, CSIDefender® can accommodate any size facility regardless of potable water usage or water quality.


Click Here and discover which of our CSIDefender® copper silver ionization solutions will fit your facility needs.

Legionella Engineering Specs

CSIDefender® has a proven record to help prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria in facility potable water distribution networks. Globally recognized since 2002, CSIDefender® is the most powerful and reliable copper silver ionization solution in the industry.

Supported by certified water management vendors, CSIDefender® are fully automated ionization control systems that generate copper and silver ion concentrations into facility water distribution networks. CSIDefender® water treatment solutions are known for their performance and help prevent potential Legionella exposure risks to facility occupants.

About Copper Silver Ionization:

The best copper silver ionization performance is delivered through superior CSIDefender® engineering design and manufacturing.

Copper Silver Ionization Controllers

The brains and power that delivers Legionella growth prevention solution are the CSIDefender® copper silver ionization controllers . These innovative software-based controllers are fully automated and can react to various water conditions without the need for human intervention.


Copper Silver Ionization Chamber Cells

CSIDefender® copper silver ionization cells provide superior engineering and better performance. 100% made in North America, these industry leading CSI chamber cells include eight “certified pure” internal electrodes. They also feature commercial grade electrical connectivity protection all housed in a cut grooved Schedule 40 (316) stainless steel external jacket to meet international plumbing codes and also fire building codes.


Remote Monitoring and Alarms

CSIDefender® controllers are fully compatible with standard communication protocols. This allows copper silver ionization installations to interface with building management systems (BMS) and be monitored in real time. For those with no BMS or limited telemetry resources, each CSIDefender® controller features a standard visual LED operational status display in addition to PLC password protected access for facility personnel. CSIDefender® users can also take advantage of our cloud based data logging and reporting network via the Portal-Hub.


Copper-Silver Ionization Legionella Growth Prevention & Compliance
Solutions for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) or Point of Entry (POE) Applications.

Legionella Growth Control in
Any Potable Water Conditions

Unmatched Water Flow Capacity
and Electrode Surface Contact Area

Industry known, reliable and easy
to use cut grooved connection.

copper silver ionization chamber cell structure

3rd Party Certified Pure High
Quality Electrodes

316 Stainless Steel Jacket

Fire and Plumbing Code Compliant

Copper Silver Ionization Water Treatment News and Updates

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CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization Water
Treatment Solutions

CSIDefender® is the world leader in powerful, innovative, and effective copper silver ionization for potable water treatment.  Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Canada since 2002, CSIDefender® installations can be found across North America and around the world.

CSIDefender® Team and Technology

Our team of copper silver ionization engineers, scientists, researchers, constantly evolve the capabilities of our technology. Through a model of continuous improvement and research, we strive to provide innovative and exceptional water treatment solutions. These solutions drive the industry forward to provide facility owners and managers better protection against Legionella exposure risks.