Copper Silver Ionization Solutions



Reputable medical & commercial copper silver ionization Legionella growth prevention water treatment solutions that deliver results, are easy to install and can fit any budget.


Copper Silver Ionization Solutions

Copper silver ionization solutions for
Legionella growth control and prevention since 2002.

Copper Silver Ionization Water Treatment

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Copper Silver Ionization YearsCSIDefender® is a top pick for Legionella compliance with Copper Silver Ionization. It’s designed for safety and easy integration. Facilities worldwide trust CSIDefender® for pure water. Its Copper Silver Ionization stands out for strength and reliability. CSIDefender® combines proven results with advanced technology for Legionella mitigation. It’s a global leader in safe water treatment solutions.

Discover the Power of CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization Solutions for Legionella Compliance & Mitigation

Think CSIDefender® for Copper Silver Ionization against Legionella. It’s well-known and trusted worldwide. Choose CSIDefender® for great water quality and Legionella control. Our website shows our history and the reach of our solutions. Face Legionella with CSIDefender®, leading in Copper Silver Ionization. Our technology is top-tier yet affordable.

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Consultant Engineering Support

CSIDefender® excels in Copper Silver Ionization for Legionella compliance, assisting consultant engineers with data-rich resources. Our solutions offer specifications and detailed drawings tailored for integration into facility water systems for Legionella management. Engineers access submittals and schedules, streamlining the inclusion of Copper Silver Ionization into master specs for Legionella safety. Leverage CSIDefender®’s vast repository of data for effective Legionella compliance in potable water treatment, ensuring top-tier facility safety.

CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization Solutions… Engineered for Large Facility Potable Water Networks.


CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization is a key solution engineered for Legionella compliance objectives, Legionella growth control and when required, Legionella remediation. These solutions are engineered for healthcare facilities, long-term care homes, hotels, and large buildings with complex potable water distribution networks.

Copper-Silver Ionization Water Treatment

Copper Silver Ionization Solution Team

Copper Silver Ionization Teamwork

Every aspect of CSIDefender® reflects this commitment, from its innovative design that ensures no harmful byproducts to its compatibility with plumbing infrastructures. As facilities around the world strive for optimal water quality, they repeatedly turn to the proven potency of copper-silver ionization, and CSIDefender® remains their first choice.

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Copper Silver Ionization Solutions