Nursing Home Legionella Growth Prevention

Nursing Home Legionella Growth Prevention & Remediation

Nursing Home Legionella Growth PreventionNursing Home Legionella growth prevention and remediation in potable water distribution networks, including 100% point of entry (POE) or domestic hot water loops (DHW), is one of the most challenging issues faced by facility owners and managers.

One of the most discreet, affordable and reliable solutions in the industry to address these Legionella growth realities is the time tested CSIDefender® “medical grade” copper silver ionization solution.

CSIDefender® solutions have a 15+ year track record and provides arguably the best facility potable water treatment solution for Legionella growth prevention and/or Legionella remediation in the industry.

Nursing Home Legionella Growth Remediation

Stainless Steel copper silver ionization chamber cells with internal laminar flow engineering are unique to AquaLyse® and CSIDefender® cells to provide longer electrode lifespan and exceeds all plumbing and fire codes.

E2_Pen_2015CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization Solutions Benefits:

  • 100% discreet for the facility occupants,
  • Easy to use and maintain with computer controls & monitoring,
  • 100% biofilm penetration, (kills where it grows),
  • Up to 66% less expensive compared to short term technologies, (Cl2 & Thermal)
  • Up to 80% less service contract fees compared to ClO2 (Chlorine Dioxide)
  • 0% use of Ammonia or other dangerous chemicals, (Monochlorimines requires Ammonia)
  • 0% pipe corrosion,
  • 0% dangerous byproduct creation (Unlike ClO2),
  • 0% byproduct monitoring required (Unlike ClO2),
  • Ideal for existing or new facilities,
  • Fast and easy installation using standard off the shelf plumbing,
  • 0% pipe corrosion,
  • Higher potable water temperatures does not affect the ProCare ionisation chamber cells,

Engineering Consultants & Legionella Growth Prevention

Nursing Home Legionella Growth PreventionNew Nursing Home Facility Project?
ProCare Water Treatment Inc. can provide MEP engineering consultants with the best and most experienced in-house experts for facility potable water technology guidance in the industry.

What can ProCare provide to consultant engineers?

  • Open “performance” copper silver ionization specs tailored to your specific project and not linked to any CSI brands yet detailed enough to let key industry vendors or manufacturers tender on projects (We love competition)
  • Shop drawings of a copper silver ionization example,
  • Copper Silver Ionization Technology cut sheets for you to study,
  • Past references where copper silver ionization technology has been installed,
  • Copper Silver Ionization pricing with a detailed list of required materials for you to include in your budget for future use,

The network also provides industry experts with all of the online tools and resources required to properly evaluate a facility’s requirements and pinpoint the best copper silver ionisation model to fit their unique project.

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