Hotel Legionella Growth Prevention

Hotel Legionella Growth Prevention

Hotel Legionella Growth PreventionProCare manufactures and installs globally  commercial size Copper Silver Ionization for Hotel Legionella prevention within potable water distribution networks.

With ProCare’s copper silver ionization, you get a potable water treatment technology that is:

  • Discreet and affordable,
  • Provides 100% biofilm penetration, (kills Legionella where it grows)
  • 55% smaller footprint than ClO2 (Chlorine Dioxide),
  • 66% less expensive compared to short term technologies, (Cl2 & Thermal)
  • 0% use of Ammonia or other dangerous chemicals, (Monochloramines)
  • 30 days or less full Legionella remediation,
  • 0% pipe corrosion,
  • 0% byproduct monitoring required (Unlike ClO2)
  • Ideal for existing hotel and resort facilities, (retro-fits)
  • Ideal for MEP engineering consultants with new hotel design stage projects,
  • Installation is fast and easy using standard plumbing,
  • 0% pipe corrosion,
  • Higher potable water temperatures does not affect ProCare’s technology .

hotel legionella growth preventionHospitality Public Relation Facts:
Image and service is everything when it comes to hotels and resorts. Without a good image and reputation, these facilities face on-going public relation difficulties and the resulting low occupancy rates. In order to avoid any unfortunate potable water related public relations and safety issues, facility occupant public health protocols must be among the top priorities for hospitality business owners and managers.



Hotel Legionella Growth Prevention – Copper Silver Ionization Features Include:

  • AquaLyse® and CSIDefender® include full remote computer access,
  • AquaLyse® and CSIDefender® include full remote computer monitoring,
  • 100% interface into any BMS system,
  • Recognized by: The EPA, CDC, WHO, HSE and many other public health authorities,
  • Over 25 years on the market worldwide,
  • AquaLyse ® “HFM” models for 100% for total facility potable water,
  • AquaLyse ® “HFS” models for domestic hot water (DHW) loops,
  • AquaLyse ® “HM” models for “multi-zone” DHW solutions,
  • Over 46 AquaLyse ® copper silver units to chose from,
  • Very easy to install & maintain,
  • Engineered for facility potable water (not swimming pools)
  • Has a 20+ year Legionella control track record,
  • Includes remote monitoring,
  • Meets all fire and plumbing codes,(Unlike PVC or CPVC)
  • Meets all electrical safety codes,
  • Provides full computer control telemetry & data logging,
  • Chamber cell water pressures of up to 820PSI at any liquid temperatures, (Unlike PVC or CPVC).

Silver Ionization is not enough to control Legionella. Both Copper and Silver ions are required. ProCare Water Treatment Inc. is known to prevent and control the risk of Legionella related facility contamination. Many hotels and resorts around the world have introduced copper silver ionisation water treatment technology as part of their overall water quality control program. Additional to providing safe and affordable water treatment technology, ProCare is known to also lower facility energy costs associated to domestic hot water operational temperatures.

Why is copper silver ionization used in hotels?

With the aging population and rise in traveling frequencies, Legionella prevention protocols are more important now than ever.

Domestic hot and/or cold potable water distribution networks are all susceptible to Legionella bacteria growth and propagation. Legionella bacteria is known to cause of Legionnaires’ disease, a severe form of pneumonia that can kill up to 50% of those who contract the disease.

Whether you are the facility owner, manager or facility engineer, when dealing with controllable environmental factors, you are responsible for the overall safety and wellness of the building occupants.

Hotel related Legionella, (AKA Traveler’s Legionnaires) and the resulting deaths have been recoded over the years. In most instances, Legionella bacteria, cause of Legionnaires’ Disease or Pontiac fever, was found in the facility potable water networks.

By becoming pro-active in your water treatment program and installing an AquaLyse® copper silver ionisation systems, you will minimize the Legionella related health issues which is commonly found in hotel facilities around the world.