Healthcare Legionella Prevention

Healthcare Legionella PreventionHealthcare Legionella Prevention

CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization provides Healthcare Legionella Prevention Solutions.

A proven track record going back 15+ years.

Controls and helps prevent facility related Legionella growth within potable water distribution networks.

Hospital Legionella PreventionNo matter if you are a small, medium or large healthcare facility, a Healthcare Legionella Prevention program should be implemented into your public safety protocols as soon as possible.

Regardless of where you are in the world, facility potable water Legionella growth and nosocomial infections is a reality that needs to be addresses by facility owners, managers, engineers and infection control personnel.

Infection control personnel and/or facility management have everything to gain by taking into account, and installing, a ProCare manufactured copper silver ionisation unit and making it part of their long term Legionella prevention protocols.

Why should CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization Healthcare models be your No.1 Choice for Healthcare Legionella prevention or remediation?

Healthcare Legionella PreventionWhen you take the time to evaluate all of the secondary water treatment technologies used for Legionella growth prevention or remediation, certain key items might not be 100% clear or even omitted by the competition. This is why we provide you with the following “quick-list” of items you should take into account when choosing a CSIDefender® copper silver ionization solution.

  • Manufactured in North-America for over 15 years (Certificate of origin available),
  • The only CSI manufacturer in the world that can treat multiple DHW loops “independently” in a common mechanical room with one powerful CSI controller,
  • Up to 50% more affordable without any engineering compromises,
  • Service contracts are not required to operate or maintain a copper silver ionisation system and will drastically reduce your operational cost,
  • On-site chemical storage is not required making your mechanical room(s) and overall facility safer from chemical exposure risks,
  • Smaller technology footprint than any other type secondary water treatment leaving room for other items or technologies to be installed,
  • CSI units are very easy to install (both plumbing and electrical can take less than a few hours depending on the model size),
  • CSI units are extremely easy to maintain (as little as 15 minutes per month can keep the smaller units fully operational without worry),
  • Extremely stable and reliable controllers compared to most chemical type technologies and thus, require less servicing and practically no down time,
  • Provides secure real time monitoring and management, via the use of integrated computer software from any computer with internet access. This is ideal when multiple units are installed at various locations within wether the same facility or in a network of buildings.
  • Easy and quick to perform field water testing to validate technology performance,
  • Complimentary “Secure” on-line data logging and reporting,
  • No dangerous chemical byproducts to monitor,

CSIDefender® copper silver ionization “PLC” variable controller delivers a reliable and robust technology engineered specifically for the medical, military, commercial and hospitality facilities world wide.

ProCare manufactures copper silver ionisation technology engineered to be reliable, affordable and perform under any potable water volumes and conditions. Guaranteed!

Documentation is Key: Additional copper silver ionisation technology features provided by ProCare includes water sample data record keeping and reporting.

CSIDefender® copper silver ionization technology users now benefit from the unique online Portal-Hub system. This complimentary online service, uniquely offered to ProCare users,  is designed to document and maintain the best available preventative measures in various data delivery formats such as PDF files, interactive spreadsheets and much more. A wonderful and reliable data logging and reporting feature that should always be included in any facility potable water Legionella prevention program.

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