Copper Silver Ionization Remote Access

CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization Remote Access Data Management Systems

CSIDefender HMI - WiFi Interface “Providing Copper Silver Ionization Remote communications features for over 15 years. The newest (Smart) data features now includes the on-line and secure interactive

With te use of secure point to point or TCP/IP protocol configuration, users can access and manage the ProCare “PID” automated controllers. They can do this remotely from any properly configured computer.

Copper Silver Ionization Remote AccessThe controllers come with a wide range of standrd communications remote monitoring and management features. The user can benefit from remote access communications using a wide variety of types of communication protocols. the access can be from any personal computer and/or other computing devices that support TCP/IP, GSM and much more.

Security: The user requires a username, password and authorization protocols in order to access the ProCare Copper Silver Ionisation Remote Access controllers remotely.

Copper Silver IonizationCSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization ion generators are fully compatible with all standard communications protocols. Protocols include: REMS, RS232/485 interface, CAN bus, Ethernet and Modbus. Optional wireless telecommunication features also include SMS text messaging, GSM-data and GPRS.

Data logging and reporting is implemented with the use of the ProCare Portal-Hub.